Benefits of Hiring a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

Spray Foam Insulations

There are many methods you can employ to insulate your house. However, no other option comes close to spray foam insulations. One of the outstanding features of spray foam insulation is that you can apply it in both old and new houses.  

Spray foam insulations are made up of two composite materials namely isocyanate and polyurethane. These materials when mixed produce a foamy substance that expands when spraying and hardens a few minutes after spraying. During the installation of spray foam or froth insulation, both materials are sprayed at the same time on the desired area through a gun. 

There are two types of spray foam insulations and they include open-cell and closed-cell spray foam. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can pick one of them when you want to insulate your home. 

If you desire to insulate the basement walls, attic, or crawlspace in your house, there are recommended contractors like NES Building Solutions that you can call and rest assured of a good job. They provide good services with the finest materials in the market. 

Benefits of Hiring a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

The following are some benefits you get when you hire a spray foam insulations contractor:

Combination of Heating and Cooling Benefits

One thing that makes this kind of insulation the most preferred choice is the ability of the cream to move into crevices and small cracks when you are spray it. When the foam expands to all the areas, it will block water and air when it dries up. With this, it will go a long way to reduce the amount of money you pay to cooling and heating companies. The cost of applying this on your building is very high but it saves you from cooling and heating bills. 

Noise Reduction

It can reduce the noise level in your home, especially if you have installed open cell spray froth on the strategic positions in your house.  With this kind of insulation, you will not hear car sounds or other noise coming from other rooms in your home. Sounds from your neighbor’s house will also not be heard in your home because the crevices and cracks have been filled with spray foam. If you are looking for other ways to keep your home noise free, you can check here: 


With other types of insulation, you will find that they become ineffective after some years. However, this is not the case when it comes to this type of insulation. The reason is that it consists of active chemicals that make it effective, even several decades after installation. These two materials are isocyanate and polyurethane. When these materials interact, they will expand and harden.

When the spray cream dries, it will retain its position without shifting or sagging even in adverse weather conditions. Additionally, it comes with a high level of R-value, which means that it is heat resistant. Once installed in your office or home, you will not need to maintain or replace it for several decades. 

Easy Installation Process

Installing insulation in your building should not be very difficult; this is why it is generally used around the world. Regardless of the weather condition and the time of the year, it can easily be installed. Also, you will not encounter any difficulty installing spray foam in the hard-to-reach parts of your home like crawl space and basement walls. 

Environmentally friendly

In this age, people want to purchase and install building materials that will promote environmental sustainability. This kind of insulation helps you to go green as it helps you to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide you are emitting to the atmosphere because you are using less energy. 

If you are considering insulating your home or office building, we advise you to use spray foam because of the numerous benefits it accords your walls. Additionally, you can watch this video to learn about other types of insulation for your walls.


When you are sure that insulation is what your building needs, going for spray foam installation will be a good choice. With this, you are sure that your commercial or residential properties are kept warm during winter and cool during summer


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