The Essentials for a Job on the Road

Job on the Road

Do you spend a lot of time on the road for your job? Maybe because you’re an artist and you’ve many exhibitions abroad or you’re a photographer and you need to display your work to business clients in different locations. Whatever job you have, if you’re a lot on the road you probably need to carry your whole office with you… Working on the road can be pretty hectic. Luckily there are a few tips to make your job on the road a breeze. Curious which ones? Then make sure to read on! 

Your own WiFi

If you work on the road a lot, a reliable Internet connection is of major importance. Without any Internet, you can’t use your laptop or tablet. And you don’t want to worry about finding a reliable WiFi hotspot in time, and, in the worst case scenario, have to sit at McDonalds all day to be able to do your job… Besides, it doesn’t look professional to your clients if you can’t showcase your work. They may think you came in unprepared… Therefore, make sure that you bring along your own mobile WiFi hotspot at all times. You can also connect it to your other devices, and it’s way more safe than open networks. It definitely frees you from stress!

Charge in time

Do you have an important business meeting tomorrow or do you need to finish your work when you’re on the plane? Then make sure to charge your laptop, table, mobile phone or whatever device you need in advance. After all, you may not have access to a power outlet while traveling. It might also be a good idea to pack (and charge) a powerful wireless charger. 


You may get an important business call while on the road. If you’re sitting on a busy train with a lot of noise, it may be difficult to understand your client. Besides, if you’re holding your phone in your hand it may be difficult to make notes. Therefore, make sure you bring your headphones. This makes it easier to call and type at the same time. Besides, if you have a so-called noise-cancelling headphones, it’s easier to understand your client. And if you want to work on the road without getting distracted by all the noise, noise-cancelling headphones are a necessity. They help you concentrate much better.

Mini beamer

Are you an artist and do you have to showcase your work to others? Or are you in charge of presenting new products to business clients all over the world? Then you probably need professional devices, such as a beamer and laser pointer, to be able to showcase your work to others. On the rare occasion your (potential) client doesn’t have a beamer available, it’s professional if you have your own. Luckily, there are mini beamers and even mini LED beamers that you can easily carry with you! 

Are you ready to hit the road?


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