Plan Your Next Trip to see the Northern Lights

Planning Your Holiday Trip

If you are planning on a vacation or getaway or even an anniversary, and you can’t decide where you are going. Have you given any consideration to seeing the Northern Lights? If not, here are some reasons below while you should and how to see them.

Visual Beauty

There are many spectacular sights, and one of the great natural wonders of the world is the breathtaking view of the Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis. The Northern light has mesmerized people from all over the world. You will see colors that are never quite the same. Sometimes the lights are like arrows shooting across the sky and the color of neon green, other times flaming red. The colors also come in pink, yellow, violet, white and blue. The friction with vaporized particles makes a variety of colors appear. Vivid green lights showcase from as far as a hundred and fifty miles high, while it may reflect the blue up to 60 miles and the same for the purple.


Did you know that lights can affect your mood? Drinking in the Northern Lights can provide you with tranquility and perhaps put you in a better mood. Those who are seeking a getaway from all the hustle and grime of their lives can treat themselves to nature’s peaceful events by simply gazing at the beauty of the Northern lights.

Seeing one of the Seven Wonders

There are seven natural wonders in the world including the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, Victoria Falls, and the Northern Lights. What makes the lights so unique they constantly change, and their shape forms because of our earth’s magnetic field. The indigenous people who live in Canada call this sight the Dance of the Spirits.

The Northern Lights only show up around September, October, March, and April.

Plenty of Activities

There are plenty of activities to go along with seeing those beautiful lights in the sky. Such as the Northern Lights Festival, which holds its events in an outdoor environment, or you could do a little cross skiing, explore the landscape, or get a ride with some huskies while viewing the Northern Lights.

Traveling Accommodations

If you’re looking for ways on how you will plan your trip to view the Aurora Borealis, you might consider a Northern Lights Cruise. You will have a better view of the Northern Lights on a cruise than you would if you were among a city population that can distract from the spectacular display in the sky. For those seeking to find the Northern Lights in Iceland, they would do well to take the Reykjavík route because of the chances of seeing the Northern Lights improve. Activities include visiting a fishing village called Stokkseyri and spending some time feasting on their traditional lobster meal.

You can view the Northern Lights with the Aurora Expedition. While you are traveling through those places, check-out all the activities such as different cultures, history, and even a bit of whale watching not to mention seeing the Aurora Borealis.

Of course, you don’t have to travel by cruise ship to see the Northern Lights. Alaska offers its visitors plenty of accommodation to view the Northern lights, especially between August and September. If you prefer to take a ride on a cruise ship, Conard has the trip for you that will lead into Vancouver, Canada, Alaska’s Glacier Bay, and into California.


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