A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Send Certified Mail

Send Certified Mail

Are you looking to send a very important mail? Do you want assurance that it will get to the recipient in a timely and efficient way? Then you need to learn how to send certified mail.

A certified mail is a special service of the United States Postal Service (USPS). In certified mail, the USPS gives you proof of mailing through a receipt. Through a special tracking system, the USPS can notify you of the mail’s delivery status. And for this, you will need to find a USPS near you.

This is also one of the key features that encouraged 58% of Americans to try certified mail for their personal and business mailing requirements. 

But if you’re a newbie to certified mail, you need to learn the basics of sending one.

Continue reading below for a step-by-step guide to sending your first certified mail.

How to Send Certified Mail Online

There are two ways to send certified mail. The first and more convenient way is by sending one online. 

To send your certified mail online, the first step is to sign up for a free account. Thus, you need to find a company that delivers USPS certified mail. Many companies offer this service, so better do your homework in choosing the best one.

Your goal during your search is to pick a company that comes with a solid track record. 

After creating an account, your next step is to set up an online payment method. Companies that offer online certified mail deliveries usually require clients to pay upfront. But don’t worry about the upfront payment because you only need to settle the specific services that you need.

This means there are no subscription fees or hidden charges.

Most companies accommodate an extensive line of payment methods. These include checks, Discover Cards, and MasterCard. Some companies also accept band wire transfers.

Next, you need to decide if you want the company to send the email or if you want to do it by yourself. If you choose the first option, you need to look for the company’s online mailing option.

Generally, this option features a PDF scanning section. From there, you can scan all the documents and upload them online.

On the other hand, taking the second option means purchasing the envelopes and printing the label manually.

Via the Post Office

The second option is by sending certified mail through the post office. The first step for this method is to fill out a form. Visit your local post office and request a certified mail form 3800.

If you check the form, you will see a green and white sticker that comes with a barcode. This barcode is for tracking the mail. Moreover, you will see a perforated receipt.

This receipt will be proof that you sent the certified mail.

After filling out the form, carefully remove the backing. From there, place the sticker on the top portion of your envelope. Make sure the sticker goes at the top edge of the envelope and directly to the return address’ right side.

Next, you need to settle the fees. These include the postage, the Return receipt fee, and any other fees that come with the mailing service.

As for the mail’s delivery, you have the option to choose a restricted type. This means only a specific person can receive and sign your mail. 

Also, you have the option to receive a copy of the signed receipt. You can opt for a PDF image of the receipt or a physical mail. 

What Should Be in Your Letter?

Another question you may ask is what should be in your certified letter? Of course, we’re not referring to the actual content but the elements that make a certified mail.

When preparing your letter, make sure it contains the complete name and address of the recipient. It should also include your mode of payment. 

You may even include a customized message if you feel like adding one. 

About Certified Mail Tracking

Tracking your mail is essential especially if it contains vital information. After sending your mail, the company will provide a tracking code. In turn, you will use the code to see the progress and location of the mail.

The good thing about today’s mail tracking systems is that they provide real-time results. Moreover, they come with remarkable accessibility. This means you can track your mail wherever you are and whenever you want.

And as soon as your mail reaches the doorstep of the receiver, the company will inform you right away.

The Benefits of Certified Mail

You may wonder why a lot of people use certified mail. What are the key benefits of certified mail that you can enjoy?

If you’re a small business in a competitive industry, certified mail can help you in many ways. Firstly, certified mails are cost-effective. They are relatively affordable and will save you money in the long run.

Secondly, certified mail helps you deter thieves. Because of its dependable tracking features, thieves would think twice about stealing your packages.

Thirdly, you can eliminate excessive errors in your correspondence. You won’t need to worry about postage shortages. You can also avoid having your mail in the wrong classification.

For personal mails, certified mail ensures that the other person will get your correspondence. During these extraordinary times, sending mail helps Americans connect with their loved ones. Certified mail can give you the assurance that you need.

Also, companies give higher delivery priority to certified mail. This means the delivery time of your mail is similar to that of first-class mail. The receiver can expect your mail or package to arrive on time, if not earlier.

Learn More About Other Mailing Solutions

Now that you know how to send certified mail, you can send important letters to important people without much risk and hassle. You can track your mail’s whereabouts and stay on top of things. 

But if you wish to learn about other mailing solutions, we invite you to check our other articles. We discuss topics that will help maintain your communication lines, especially in these trying times.


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