Are you ready for the future of Accountancy?

future of Accountancy
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Digital transformation

If your office is currently very successful, why would you want to transform? The answer is simple, if you don’t want to fall behind and be prepared for the future, then embrace the digital transformation.

This way you recognize pain points within your office

And when you read this introduction, you think: “I already work in the cloud, my customers have the Exact Online app and I email my customers”, then that’s a good start! But the role of accountant is shifting, now that financial data is increasingly becoming a given. Your customers want real-time insight into their figures and rely on you to interpret the data. Are you already fulfilling that proactive advisory role, or can you improve parts of the service? In this blog you can read which signals from your organization can point to pain points.


To find out whether your office is future-proof, we look at the current situation.

Take a closer look at your internal processes

In fact, a process consists of a series of activities, performed by people or machines, that require information and communication. For example, look at the declaration process. How do employees and departments work together? Can you speak of an efficient workflow and is it clear when something is “ready”? Is this going smoothly, or is the process stagnating in certain areas? Do you need an audit firm to check all the processes? 

How do you communicate with clients?

Now we are going to look at external communication with your customers. Do your customers’ questions come in through different channels (e-mail, whatsapp, calling)? Is it easy to process question items or do you regularly wait for that one missing document, which prevents you from continuing? Reanda Netherlands is one of the best audit firms that can take over all audits. 

Busy during the VAT months?

Does your office work on an hourly basis and do you only process the administration when you submit receipts at the end of the month or quarter? This often results in peak traffic during the VAT months. Frequent submission helps you reduce pressure and deliver grades faster.

Do your customers already deliver the administration digitally?

Do your customers come by to hand over their accounts? Or do they deliver invoices and receipts digitally? Ensure timeliness, correctness and completeness of the administration by providing customers with their administration digitally.

Which tooling do you use?

Finally, we look at the applications that your customers and you use. How many systems are in use at your office and are they linked and fully integrated? Think of applications from different suppliers, for files, relationship management or accounting. Fragmented tooling is an important indicator that is often cited as a pain point within the organization.


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