Most Popular Online Games in USA

Popular Online Games in USA

The USA is one of the biggest gaming countries in the world. The list of the most popular online games in USA consists of all kinds of games. US gamers like online titles so they can test their skills. It also helps them enhance their skills and their ability to work in teams. Some of the most popular online games in USA are:

Fortnite Battle Royale

This is a third-person game that lets you come out of the sky, land, and wreak havoc on your enemies. As you progress in the game you’ll get different gear such as better weapons, armor, and even skins. All in all, it’s an awesome shooter that features colorful characters.


This is probably one of the oldest games in the US. Bingo has been online for some time, which means bingo fans can find plenty of websites for this game. Online bingo in USA is as popular as land-based bingo. You can find plenty of different variants online. Bonuses and promo codes are also a frequent site at these websites. The best part is that you’ll get notified if you’ve won a prize.

League of Legends

Ever since gaming became an e-sport LoL became more than a game. It’s a battlefield for skilled players across the world. This is another third-person game that lets you choose from a bunch of characters. 

All of them have special abilities that you can enhance thanks to gear you can buy in the game. Your character levels up and your goal is to destroy the enemy base. The simple concept is what makes it popular in the US and the rest of the world.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is one of the oldest shooters in the history of shooter games. You can pick to play for one of 2 teams. Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Each character is a member of some terrorist or counter-terrorist organization. The goal is simple and it stems down to beat your enemy. Terrorists plant bombs and counter-terrorists stop them. This game is also frequently part of e-sports tournaments.


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