What is a vaporizer and how can you use it?

What is a vaporizer and how can you use it?

Smoking is a century old habit that originates from the Native Americans. They used it to announce peace and shared it across important meetings. Why was this the case? Most likely because it provided peace of mind and resulted in a relaxed attitude towards the other parties involved. Since then, smoking has changed over time. Innovation spurred changes in how we consume tobacco and how it is produced. In this article we will look at its history and more specifically what is vaporizer, an item that is the focal attention of current-day smoking. 

Smoking evolved with technology

With modernisation in factories, it became possible to mass-produce products like tobacco. In the past, the tobacco leaves had to be hand rolled resulting in expensive cigars. With new technologies emerging, it was possible to mass produce at a very low cost. The result was a more accessible product, consumed by millions of people. This resulted in the smoking addiction of many people ever since. 

Improving an unhealthy product

To make the product safer for users, innovations have happened over the decades. The most significant innovation has been the filter. The filter made it safer to smoke cigarettes as negative substances were (partly) eliminated. The effect of the filters has improved over the years and become better every time. However, it does not stop all the bad substances from entering your body. Therefore, research has focused on other means to improve tobacco consumption.

Alternative products

For people who want to quit smoking, they can consider the use of a special sticker that includes nicotine. This principle can also be seen as an ‘alternative’ product to smoking, as it can bring users the same feeling as a cigarette can provide. Researchers are also looking into how they can use this as the foundation for a new, healthier alternative to smoking. 

Now, what is a vaporizer?

Yes, we can imagine that you want to know what is a vaporizer. This product is the result of decades of evolving technology. Instead of lighting up the tobacco, as is the case with cigarettes, the tobacco is heated. With the increased heat, steam is generated which is inhaled through the vaporizer. This vaporizer does not require the use of tobacco. With advancements it is now possible to use a substance. However, the substance is still being researched as it is relative new. Although promises are made that it can be healthier, this is not yet evident from research completed.

Using cannabis in a vaporizer

While using cannabis in a vaporizer is technically possible, it is better to use a dedicated device for vaping with cannabis. You could also consider to purchase cannabis seeds and grow the plants yourself. This is also safer as you know exactly what kind of pesticides are being used throughout the lifespan of the plant.


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