3 Types of Nail Treatments to Try

Nail Treatments you can try
Manicure process in the professional nail salon. Rasping of fingernails.

Are you dealing with unhealthy nails? Your nails might be turning dark or yellow. You may be dealing with splitting and cracking. You may even be dealing with nail fungus. Whatever the case, you want to get the proper nail treatment to deal with the issue and prevent the problem from getting worse. Here are three different Nail Treatments you can try.

  1. Hydrating and Strengthening Creams

Creams contain many ingredients that not only help your nails but also help your hands. The point of these creams is to help hydrate your nails. They prevent your nails from becoming dry while also acting as a barrier against bacteria.

What you are doing is hydrating your nails like you do your skin. With proper hydration, your nails will be less likely to crack. In some cases, cracking can result in fungal growth and damage to your nails.

With continuous usage of creams, you’ll see the roughness of your nails caused by cracking decrease. You’ll also make your nails stronger and healthier. You’ll start to see a vibrancy that has gone away since your nails have started deteriorating. Your nails will also be less likely to split or crack from impact.

  1. Nail Repair Gels/Ointments

Another Nail Treatments you can try is gels and ointments. These products are a little different from regular creams in that they can help address the source of your nail problems. There are multiple reasons why you may have problems with your nails.

You may be dealing with nail fungus. You may have overused nail polish and other chemicals. Your nails may have deteriorated from ageing. Sometimes the problem is created by a combination of different issues.

Doctors Kline + Green is an example of a nail product that addresses all these issues. It helps fight fungal infections, restores your nails’ natural healthy colour, and strengthens your nails.

Like the nail creams, their products help hydrate your nails while repairing it. They address various nail conditions such as cracking, splitting, the formation of ridges, paronychia, and yellowing/darkening nails.

  1. Nail Supplements

Another common Nail Treatments you can try is nail supplements. They are similar to the hair growth and thickening supplements that are out there in the market. The goal is to help you see healthier, stronger, and more vibrant nails from the inside out.

These supplements are rich in biotin and other vitamins that are supposed to help promote cell growth. Other ingredients that may be found include iron, magnesium, zinc, and more. Some products may have additional ingredients like collagen, which is known to help skin, hair and nails.

These products actually do work for many people. But they typically need to be consumed for a few weeks until you start to see the benefits in your nails. However, the supplements may not do much for certain nail conditions.

For example, the supplements cannot do anything to help get rid of a nail fungal infection. It may improve your nails’ strength, but you may still have yellow discoloration that doesn’t go away. So these supplements aren’t the ideal treatment for various nail problems.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them. Taking these supplements, in combination with other treatments, may yield better results. Fortunately, these supplements tend to be very affordable.

These are the three nail treatments that you should try. Obviously, some products will work better than others. It’s best to read reviews about different products and see what conditions each product addresses. This will give you better insight into what products will work best for you.



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