9 Essential Bathroom Accessories to Include in Your Bathroom Renovation

Dream Bathroom Renovation

If you’re carrying out a bathroom renovation in your home, don’t forget the essential bathroom accessories in Melbourne that you can make good use of. A bathroom isn’t just a place to get clean; it can also be a place of beauty and relaxation. Make your bathroom truly wonderful with help fromthenine essential bathroom accessories detailed below. 

Basin Mixer Taps

Basin mixer taps are one of the most on-trend bathroom accessories right now. When you have to look at and use your basin taps multiple times a day, it’s worth choosing an option that combines both style and function – and this is what mixer taps do. Available in a range of styles and colours, basin mixer taps can really add a touch of something special to your bathroom. 

Stone Baths

Stone baths are some of the most underrated bathroom accessories in Melbourne. That’s because they don’t clamour for attention. Instead, in true minimalist style, they invite you in for a dose of extreme relaxation. Available in a range of shapes to appeal to any taste, stone baths are at once timeless and contemporary.

Stone Basins

Stone basins have risen sharply in popularity in recent years. They can be geometric, squarish or rounded, meaning you’re sure to find one that suits your décor and decorating ideas due to the variety on offer. For clean cut lines that offer a level of sophistication foryour bathroom, choose a stone basin. 

The Double Rail

Isn’t it frustrating when a bathroomdoesn’t include a double rail? Where are you going to put your towels to dry? The double rail offers twice as much room to put your towels as a single rail, and is a highly practical addition to any bathroom space. 

The Robe Hook

Throwing your robe on the floor just won’t do – itcan get wet or dusty down there! That’s why out of all bathroom accessories in Melbourne, you really do need the robe hook. It offers such class while being super functional,helping to keep your robe clean and dry.

The Shower Shelf

Things can get pretty slippery in the shower. That’s why it’s important to opt for helpful bathroom accessories in Melbourne such as the shower shelf, allowing you to keep your bathroom items neatly in a row and within close reach. 

The Toilet Roll Holder

The worst thing you can do with a newly renovated bathroom is to put your toilet rolls on the ground or on the toilet cistern! Instead, you need a classy toilet roll holder that’s attached to the wall, helping to keep dust off your toilet rolls while also allowing you to reach for your toilet paper easily. 

The Towel Ladder

When just one towel rung is not enough, choose the towel ladder as one of your must-have bathroom accessories in Melbourne. It will keep your whole family’s towels dry and ready for use. 

The Towel Ring

A towel ring upon which to place your hand towel is a mustin order to accommodateyour guests. Installing a towel ring also allows your hand towel to be prominently placed.


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