8 Most Popular House Styles in Canada

8 Most Popular House Styles in Canada
Traditional Floating boat house in Amsterdam canals, the Netherlands, October 13, 2017

Are you looking for house styles that can fulfill your lifestyle in Canada? Choosing one is not an easy task even if you know what these houses look like. So, if you plan to build a home, you will need help picking one of Canada’s ideal house styles.
One of the easiest ways of settling for one of these modern house styles is buying one from trusted realtors like Paradise Developments. They won’t only show you the modern house styles they have but also customize the house’s design to meet your needs.

8 Best Different House Styles in Canada

You certainly need an outstanding house, and choosing a great house style is your first step to achieving that. Whether you are buying a complete house or building one from scratch, you have to do it the right way to avoid future inconveniences.

If you’ve never owned a house, you need to know the various types of house styles in Canada. The good news is, Canada boasts unique houses, and you can never afford to settle for lower quality. Now, let’s look at the famous house styles you’ll find in Canada.

1.    Modern House Style

Modern house styles in Canada have a clean, sleek look, showcasing a luxurious and straightforward design. Thanks to the glasses added between the facades’ straight lines to make them look fancier. Glasses are the main features of modern houses.

Modern houses are popular in urban centers with open space plans. You can always settle for any size of these houses as they vary from the small to the large. They are built using top-notch materials such as marble and indigenous timber for durability.

2.    Cottage House Style

Most Canadians love cottage style homes. That explains why it’s one of the most popular among the different house styles in Canada. For a start, the cottage style is a perfect choice for your family as it creates a cheerful atmosphere ideal for a family.

Another reason you should consider a cottage style is their large front porches for extra space. You will also like the attic on its second story, which defines the home and offers you the extra space you need. However, they are small and only fit for sizeable families.

3.    Traditional House Style

Traditional house styles bring out various house architecture styles together to create a simple home to construct. They are usually built using a mix of wooden materials and have pitched roofs. Thankfully, they’re easy to upgrade. Its outstanding features include:

  • Huge yards
  • Garden with patio or terrace
  • A lot of textiles
  • Wooden details and flooring
  • Two or more stories high, etc.

A traditional house style is ideal for you if you have a large family. Thanks to its warm and inviting atmosphere. The home displays a classic look that you can’t resist for the modern days. The good thing is, you can find this type in any town or city in Canada.

4.    Colonial House Style

As the name suggests, Canada’s best house style emerged in the colonial period. The colonialists adopted it as one of the outstanding house architecture styles of their native countries using locally available materials.

The combination brought out the toned-down version of the French Classicist architecture with two-story stone and steep roofs. Some of its outstanding features include expensive materials and finishes, elegant designs, lots of details, and inviting interiors, among many others.

5.    Townhouse House Style

A townhouse is a single house of two, three, or more stories connected to similar houses by a common sidewall. Thankfully, a townhouse will meet a variety of your demands thanks to its outstanding architectural style. You will enjoy the advantage of city life in your own separate house.

For the exterior, you can settle for classical, simple, or modern looks. The materials used will also depend on what you prefer and the weather condition of your area. Settling for a townhouse brings you closer to essential services and developed infrastructure. Thanks to their proximity to cities.

6.    Craftsman House Style

A craftsman house is one of the outstanding house styles that artisans use to show their skills and expertise. They’re characterized by highly decorated wood or stonework that you can easily recognize from a far off distance.

These house styles depend on the builder’s skills and expertise, who will be best placed to advising on the size. The sizes differ according to your needs and the builder’s expertise. It’s an excellent choice for a unique and outstanding home option.

7.    West Coast House Style

The first of this kind of house appeared in West Vancouver. Due to the city’s rough terrain, a lot of design innovation is done on these types of houses today. Additionally, the construction of these houses is complex, but the structures look very attractive.

West Coast House construction usually incorporates several geometrical forms; it has many open terraces and mostly plain roofs and a lot of grass. The facing is commonly done using simple concrete and wood to bring in the classical look.

8.    Ranch House Style

The ranch-style homes have their origin traced back to the U.S.A. They are purported to have risen to popularity during the rise of car culture. The occupants of these ranch houses could then take advantage of the cars to move into the cities much quicker.

A ranch house will connect you closer to the landscape and farming experience. Even though they are single-story and shallow gable roofs, they have a great patio and deck space. If you are an enthusiast of isolated homes, then a ranch house could be a perfect choice for you.

Final Words

With many house styles available, picking your best option can be quite challenging. If you find it hard to select, you can always seek help from professionals to help you identify what can work best in your area. Whichever house style you choose to settle for, ensure that it fulfills all your needs and lifestyle.


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