Why You Should Choose Divorce Attorney Naz Ghazi in the Van Nuys Area

Choose a Divorce Attorney

A divorce or dissolution of marriage is a legal process of ending a marital union or marriage. It involves dissolving the bond of matrimony between two married people based on the law of a state or country. Divorce law differs from country to country but it usually requires the sanction of a legal authority such as a court as well as lawyers to help with the proceedings. Read on to find why you should choose a divorce attorney.

The divorce process can include considerations for child custody, access and visitation. It can also include decisions on property distribution, alimony and child support, debt division and other such considerations. You can read more on the process here.

Getting a divorce can be quite stressful and painful. However, when you have a good divorce attorney, they can help you make the process as seamless and as quick as possible. The role of an attorney is essential as no marriage can be dissolved without their help. Therefore, selecting the best divorce attorney should not be taken lightly.

Reasons to choose a divorce attorney

Selecting a good attorney is important because it can make a huge difference in how your case pans out. Without a good attorney, even though you eventually get a divorce, you may not get the best outcome in terms of other things such as child support, money, etc. With a great lawyer, you will get a more favorable outcome that you can be happy with. Some of the benefits why you should choose a divorce attorney:

Experience and Familiarity with Matrimonial and Family Law

Choose a divorce attorney that is conversant with laws that deal with matrimonial and family law. They are experienced in what to say as well as how to handle such cases. Saying or doing anything wrong can ruin your entire case so you need someone that knows what they are doing. 

Due to their experience, these attorneys can help you get a beneficial settlement through skilled negotiations and mediation. Your case will most likely involve several aspects of family life such as finances, children, and property. You need someone that can deal with all the complexities involved and get you a favorable settlement. 

Resources and a Viable Support base

Your lawyer is likely not handling only your case but will be involved in several other cases. For this reason, you do not expect them to focus on you alone. They have to share their time and resources with you and their other clients.

Due to this, you should get an attorney that has adequate resources to still give you the attention that is necessary. They should be able to also support you in case of an emergency. For this, your attorney will have other lawyers, assistants and paralegals that will assist them in preparing your case. That means that no matter how busy they are handling other cases, they can still attend to you in a timely fashion.

Asides from their legal support base, they will also have access as well as work with various professionals from other fields that may be useful for your case. Professionals such as accountants, valuators, child specialists, etc.  You can find steps on selecting a divorce attorney here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/divorce-lawyer-advice_n_4661934

Objectivity and Support

During a divorce, emotions are flying high and the two parties involved may be angry and upset as it is a high conflict period. You can experience emotions such as sadness, fear, rage, depression, confusion and so on and you may not know what to do. All these can affect your sense of judgment and objectivity.

Having a good attorney will help you keep things in the right perspective. The fact that you are emotional does not mean that things will go your way. Your lawyer is not experiencing the same emotions so they can advise you on the right things to do at this time. They can also offer their support during this difficult period of your life.

They will let you know when you are being unreasonable or that what you are expecting or requesting might be impossible. The lawyer will help you to balance things out and prevent you from doing anything that can scuttle your case.

Helps You Out with Necessary Paperwork

Divorce involves a lot of paperwork that you will need to fill out. Knowing the forms you need for your situation can be tasking. Getting the necessary information to complete the forms can also be tasking and tedious.

However, it is necessary to complete the paperwork as the judge will depend on that in deciding your case. You may also be accused of hiding stuff if you mistakenly omit anything. The paperwork must be filled out properly and your attorney knows the exact words and tone to use. Properly filling it will also help you to avoid your case getting bogged down in court processes.

They Protect Your Reputation

Divorce can have a negative impact on anyone going through it and maintaining a good reputation is key. With emotions running high, any one of the parties involved might attack the other especially if you are famous.

A good lawyer helps you to keep a cool head and manage your reputation so that it can be preserved no matter what.

They Educate You

Divorce can be so complicated but a good attorney will work you through all the possible scenarios. They will give you all the information you need to be in control, let you know your choices and prepare your mind for what you are up against. They will intimate you with how the law can affect you and your children and help you to make the right decisions.

Looking for an attorney? Naz Ghazi is a Van Nuys divorce attorney that you can count on to help you with your divorce proceedings.


A good divorce attorney is essential to your case and you should not take that for granted. It is not just about getting a divorce but more about getting a beneficial outcome for you in every aspect as well as protecting your sanity and reputation along the way.


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