How to Get in the Festive Spirit Despite COVID-19

get into the festive spirit

It is clear that this Christmas will not be like any other due to the coronavirus which will be a shame as people are in need of a nice holiday season with loved ones after a traumatic year. While things might be different to normal, there are still ways that it can be special though and making the effort will ensure that this is a memorable festive period for the right reasons. Read on to find how to get into the festive spirit during this covid situation.

What Will Xmas Look Like?

It is hard to say what the situation will be at Christmas as the situation is changing so quickly. The PM has hinted that there could be some easing of restrictions for Christmas provided the rate of infection falls, but this is no guarantee and it is best to assume that there will be no household mixing or, at best, the ability to mix with one other household.

Video Calls

COVID-19 has certainly put a spanner in the works for the holiday season, but there are still ways to get into the festive spirit and feel close and connected to your loved ones. While you may not be able to meet up with friends and family over the holidays, you can schedule in video calls and even share meals, open presents and watch festive TV all over a video call.

Gift Exchanging

Gift exchanging is one of the most beloved parts of the holiday and, while it may be different not being able to open them together, you can still make this a fun and special experience. Personalized gifts are a great idea this year as they show that you have been thinking of them and you can then wrap them and drop them off at the doorstep or in some cases you could have them gift wrapped and sent directly to their home. Additionally, you could include a handwritten letter with your gifts as a way to show that you are thinking of them during these tough times.

Festive Traditions

There are also other ways to enjoy festive traditions while staying safe and protecting public health. Going for festive walks, decorating the home, baking Christmas treats and Christmas movie marathons will all be possible this year and a good way to enjoy this time of the year even with the current situation. 

Christmas will not be normal this year but that is not to say that it will not be special. Christmas 2020 could be a special holiday season if people really make the effort while staying safe and hopefully this post will allow you to do this.


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