What to expect this holiday shopping season

shopping season

It is nothing new the Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down, lots of things have changed including people’s purchasing power and their spending habits, and it is going to impact holiday shopping. Read on to find what to expect this season for holiday shopping.

Buyer spending is expected to decrease as many people have faced financial problems due to the pandemic.

On the other hand, retailers are taking measures to keep both customers and employees safe. Major stores will be closed on Thanksgiving, to prevent crowds and long lines of people; and above all, they extended the season for holiday shopping, starting earlier this year (mid October) granting longer sales periods.

Given everything is a bit tense and most people are stressed out about Christmas shopping and gift-giving, we gathered all the information we could to make shopping easier for you. Taking into consideration matters like budgets to seizing Black Friday deals, which have already started, like Spanx Black Friday sales for example. This information will help you get through your shopping taking the stress out, and making it easier on your wallet.

Season for holiday shopping has already started and it is different this year

As we mentioned before, the shopping season has started earlier this year, this is why we have been seeing Black Friday sales much earlier before the actual Black Friday date (November 27). Many retailers have decided to launch such sales at the beginning of November, to prevent delivery delays given most of the shopping will be done online; and also because people’s spending power is lower than ever, so the market has become very competitive, leading us to a price battle between retailers.
Another difference, in comparison with previous years, is that most sales are being offered for online shopping, as most people are avoiding to do in-store shopping for safety reasons, and online shopping has become the preferred option to purchase. In addition, retailers are encouraging this, to prevent shopping crowds.
Taking all this into consideration, there is no reason to wait for Black Friday actual date, great deals are happening right now (like Spanx Black Friday sales); and you don’t even have to leave your home as sales are and will continue to be offered for online shopping.

Shopping by appointment, a new possibility

New marketing resources have been launched, such as booking an appointment to shop at your favorite store. Retailers are allowing customers to book a short period of time (approximately 30 minutes) at the store, within a small group of people (up to ten in most cases). This way, if you prefer, you can go in-store shopping. The price to book your own time is around $20 and it will be returned to you as store credit to use on your purchase.

Consider curbside pickup to avoid shipping delays

Delays in shipping and delivery are expected to happen, as most of the shopping is virtually done, to avoid this, all retailers are encouraging people to purchase early so that their products will be delivered on time. Another option, if it is a possibility for you, is to pick up your purchases by yourself. All stores are offering curbside pickup so as not to saturate the delivery system.

Social Media is an excellent tool

Most stores have been using social media to promote their sales and events. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such, are an excellent way to find out about all the deals, prices, and products retailers are offering. These media will keep you informed 24/7, and you won’t miss out on anything. In addition; most times, retailers offer raffles and special discounts you won’t find on any other platform, therefore it is really convenient for you.

The importance of supporting small businesses

This year has been difficult for everyone, and it has been devastating for the economy. Small businesses got the worst part, as they donĀ“t have the economic support to sustain themselves while sales decline, as most of the major stores do. This is why it is important to contribute to this sector. Maybe their discounts are not as bulky as the ones top brands offer, but you are more likely to purchase really unique gifts, as small businesses are more original.


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