How to select the best handgun for home defense

handgun for home defense

As you know, burglaries and crimes have been more common than you think. Approximately 72% of burglaries happen in residences, and it’s more dangerous if you stay at home during a burglary. Read on to find how to select the best handgun for home defense.

Choosing a weapon for defensive purposes is a daunting experience. There are generally two kinds of guns, including handguns and long guns. If you’re stuck in this situation, owning a handgun can prevent theft. 

Keep reading to know how to select the best handgun for home defense. This guide shows you what to consider before deciding to buy any gun. At first, find out the benefits of owning a handgun at home.

Benefits of owning a handgun for home defense

Without a doubt, having a handgun in the house is not just comfortable but also handy in an emergency. It’s probably the weapon that you never thought to have, but once the situation arises, you will be happy to own one.

  • Protection: A handgun offers you and your family members a great chance of getting safe than any other thing. While rifles are more precise, handguns are more than precise enough for any close and mid-range shot. You can draw it fast especially when your life depends on it at that time. 
  • Confidence: People tend to become more confident when having to face an urgent situation. Whenever the intruder recognizes your presence, they’re likely to run no matter if you’ve got a handgun or not. Besides, you always stress out when hearing suspicious noises in your house, especially when you don’t have any particular way to protect yourself from this disturbance. In such a situation, owning a handgun will help you feel much calmer and well-prepared to face the situation.
  • Stress relief: Shooting is a thrilling experience, and it somewhat mixes the adrenaline-boosting fun with a great sense of serene and high focus. In other words, the shooting action can release adrenaline in the system, and make your body organ use glycogen to fuel all muscles of your body. Not only that, but it also creates both physical and mental discipline so that you can action mindfully in your most stressful moments.   

After knowing all benefits of having a handgun for home defense, you’re still not sure what kind of gun to get for your first shooting? We shall cover the essentials ranging from caliber, ammo, size, and safety so that you can make the best choice.

How to select the best handgun for home defense 
1. Handgun calibers

Choosing the suitable handgun for home defense

Everyone has various hand sizes and finger lengths. Even hand strength can vary from person to person. 

Each caliber will bear its strengths and weaknesses, and your job here is finding the one that fits your demands the most instead of going for the highest number among them. So beginners only target smaller calibers. We suggest you own a 9mm caliber for your first-used handgun. 

Smaller calibers mean less recoil, which helps you shoot faster and more precise following shots. Better than that, these tend to require less energy and force from the shooter. Meanwhile, bigger calibers tend to inflict heavier damage per bullet, but make you feel harder to squeeze every shot fast. 

For instance, 45 ACP would utilize heavier and wider bullets than the 9mm at a lower speed. Recoil will get more severe than the 9mm with the lower capacity.

2. Handgun ammo 

Once you have the manual that comes along with your handgun, it’s time to discuss what types of ammunition you must use with it. If you get it from a third party, the manual won’t be available, so you need to search for it on the Internet. 

Alright, as you choose a 9mm handgun, let’s purchase 9mm ammunition for it. As you begin matching your gun to ammunition, there are three positions to match the caliber. 

Firstly, locate your caliber on the handgun. Secondly, find the caliber on the manufacturer’s ammo box. Thirdly, the caliber is available at the base of the cartridge (headstamp).

For a 9mm firearm, you might choose among 115, 124, and 147 grain. These figures mention the weight of the bullet. If selecting the higher number, the bullet will be heavier.

3. Size of a handgun

Get the handgun fitting your hands 

One of the most crucial things about selecting the best handgun for home defense is fit. As you know, everyone is different, so finding a handgun that fits your hand completely is not an easy task. We recommend you to purchase a full-sized firearm that is close to 5” barrels. How come? 

Owning a full-sized handgun makes it smoother to shoot up. This is because there would be more mass for recoil absorbing, a bigger space for gripping, and a longer sight radius from the front to rear sight. 

In sum, just decide what size you prefer before investigating more about what each brand is providing in this category.

4. Safety 

Spend more time practicing with your handgun for home defense because, in an urgent situation, there won’t be enough time for you to pull out the manual and find out how to works. 

Also, gaining knowledge of how to use and understand some malfunctions with the weapon will certainly save you and your family. And of course, avail locks and any gun safe when necessary.

Final words

Now you’ve known how to select the best handgun for home defense, but don’t forget to have a plan in place especially when you’re a first-time buyer. Owning a handgun asks some responsibility. You’re liable to the safe gun storage and its maintenance. (Viagra)  

More importantly, you need to be emotionally responsible to use the weapon in a serious encounter with a dangerous criminal who tries to threaten your life that of your family. To avoid this from happening, let’s practice and arm you with more skills.


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