How To Keep Everyone and Yourself Safe When Owning Guns?

keeping your guns

Do you know everything about keeping your guns at the ready: Do’s and don’ts? Click and read this article to understand more clearly about the safety rules!

Gun safety is popular and vital for gun owners to look at. When purchasing the guns, the dealers may not tell you everything about the safety rules, or you may forget. So, how can you deal with the guns without jeopardizing the safety of everyone? And more specifically, when the person using the gun is an elderly person like your grandma or grandfather for self-protection.

Below are some rules of keeping your guns at the ready: Do’s and don’ts for you to explore. They are some basic but useful rules. Let’s have a look at them now!

The Do’s
Always Maintaining Control

Although you are not using the gun, you still have to keep controlling your firearm. You cannot handle your gun in a similar way you hold the weapons such as knives. The delicate trigger is not a joke as it can cause deaths. So, it would help if you kept the gun pointed in a safe direction, as the ground, for example. 

Assuming The Gun Is Loaded At Any Times

There is a lot of people who were killed with unloaded firearms every year. You might be sure that your gun has no ammunition inside. But you are advised to assume it is always loaded. Why should you do that?

By assuming that, you have to be cautious and vigilant when using the gun. It is incredibly dangerous as it will lead to some fatal accidental shots. There is no doubt that you are always in great attention whenever dealing with it. It is worth noting that not only do shotguns play an important role in hunting, but ammunition is just as necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to choose them carefully. Before buying, we recommend reading the article 30 06 vs 7.62 x54r, it will help you decide

Investing In The High-quality Safe

It is advisable that you should increase safety, especially when you have kids in your house. And not only children, anyone such as neighbors, housekeepers, guests, or relatives can come closer to your guns. Who makes sure that there will not be an accident happening?

It would be better if you can store the guns in an immensely safe place. In this case, you can contact some biometric technology companies to consult. For instance, they can make the keypad entry safes for your home. This smart keypad allows you to access quicker while you can keep guns away from unwanted attention. 

Keeping The Ammunition And Firearms Separately

You may not believe it, but an ammo box and an unloaded gun can become a match and a dynamite stick. Whether you are trained to use the guns safely or not, you still should keep the firearms and ammunition apart. 

It does not mean that you store the firearm in the basement and the ammunition on the top floor. Basically, you keep them at a sufficient distance so that they cannot incite an accident. 

Spending Time For Your Gun Model and Safe

When you are familiar with your gun, you will feel safer. Specifically, you should invest much more time to practice with your firearms. Besides, you should find and update safety and training techniques. Reading the instruction manual to know clearly about your specific model is also the right way.

Even if you might have experience using guns to hunt or serve the military for many years, you cannot know everything about guns. Every scenario can happen differently, and you cannot know what situation you have to face. So, practicing more will help you safely use guns and prevent undesired accidents.

The Don’ts
Not Just Hiding The Guns

You cannot expect that nobody can find guns when you intend to hide them. As mentioned above, the guns have to be locked and kept far from unqualified and unauthorized persons. 

Additionally, you don’t let anyone know the safe codes to access your safe place if you do not trust them. Some people often choose to put their guns under stuff in a drawer or under the mattress. These are not the suitable place to keep your guns as they are easily accessible. 

Not Putting Fingers On The Trigger When Not Firing 

If you are not about to fire, you cannot place your finger on the gun trigger. This is the basic rule that ensures your safety. Many accidents happened as the guns accidentally went off when users startled or jolted, surprisingly. 

Another situation may happen when you plan to shoot an attacker, and your family member may turn up. You will undoubtedly be regretful if you shoot the wrong person accidentally. 

Not Letting Guns Lay Around For A Long Time Without Attention

It would be best if you did not lay your guns around without carrying out maintenance for prolonged periods. Subsequently, you ought to clean guns when you take it to the range day in and out. If you just use it for recreational shooting or seasonal hunting, you can sometimes do maintenance. 

Not Touching The Guns When Having Drugs Or Alcohol

As you may know, you are not allowed to use guns after drinking alcohol or drugs. Even drugs here are just medication for pain or any supplement. But, if they have a sedative effect, you still have to stay away from the firearm. 

No one can assure that you are conscious enough when you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. So, keep yourself calm and be back to sobriety, then you can access your guns. 

Not Ignoring The Local Area’s Laws

When you own and carry a weapon, you have to follow the laws in your living place or local area. It is best if the authorities confiscate your guns to have appropriate protection before the SHTF situation. 

Also, reading the laws carefully and obeying them strictly. For example, if you are permitted to carry a firearm in public, you must not do that. Last but not least, you should purchase the firearms from an authorized dealer. If not, you may have to face legal problems. 

The Bottom Line

These days, many people are into owning guns for their recreation or home security. However, careless action can result in severe accidents with guns. To protect yourself and your beloved people, it would be better for you to know the rules of keeping your guns at the ready: Do’s and don’ts.


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