How to Check If Your Honey Is Pure or Adulterated

biohoney manuka

You must have heard of several health benefits of pure honey like one from biohoney manuka. There is no doubt that honey is a magical ingredient that has several immunity-boosting properties. It contains several antioxidant compounds that heal your body from within. People incorporate the use of honey in day to day basis whether it is for weight management or fighting against cough. One can avail all these benefits only if they are consuming raw and pure honey from companies like biohoney manuka. It is vital for you to check the quality of honey before consumption. You need to realize that you will not be able to avail any benefit if honey is impure. Many times you will be caught in the confusion that how to rely on any brand. The problem here is that several products will be labeled as organic and natural while the truth will be the exact opposite. So it is vital for you to check the quality yourself rather than relying blindly on the labels. Don’t worry as this article has got you covered in figuring out that what are the measures that you can take today to identify the reliability of the product. Let’s dig into it.

Vinegar test

Sometimes reading the labels from the product is not sufficient unless it is a reliable brand like biohoney manuka. If you are consuming an unknown brand then manually check whether the ingredients mentioned are there in the product or not. How can you do that? A simple hack that you can try today is testing honey with vinegar. Mix the two ingredients together to spot the fakeness of the product. Grab a solution of vinegar and water and pour a few drops of honey into it. There can be a probability that the mixtures begin foaming. So if there are traces of any foam then it can be an indication of contamination.

Heat test

Another hack that you can try today is performing the heat test if you are not consuming honey from biohoney manuka. You need to expose your honey to the heat or flame. If your honey remains unburn then it means honey is the pure one. You might be questioning how is it possible to carry out this test which convenience. Well, all you need to do is just grab a matchstick and dip that into the honey. When the matchstick is all dipped with honey all you need to do is light it up. If the honey burns it means that you have to be doubtful about the quality.

Water hack

Another solution is to try the water test if you are relying on unknown brands instead of biohoney manuka. Water hack is a simple yet effective way of testing the purity of the honey. You might not be aware of the fact that pure honey will never completely dissolve in water. Pure honey will have a hard time dissolving and require great effort. Many times you will see white traces in the water and that has to do with honey being laced with sugar or glucose.

Thumb hack

Lastly, you can perform a thumb test for finding out whether your honey is pure or not. This test is extremely simple as you will not need any other material. Place a small amount of money on your thumb and it spills then it means you are honey is impure. It should not spread like other liquids.


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