Do Clog-Free Gutters Work? Read This Before You Make a Decision

clog free gutters

How is it that humans have put a man on the moon, invented the internet, and created an instant ramen soup that anyone can buy for less than a dollar, but we still haven’t created clog-free gutters?

The solutions seem simple enough, but do they really work? Some may say yes. Some may say no. For some, it depends on what kind of trees dwell in your house. So, in the interest of keeping our human evolution growing at an alarming rate, let’s take a look at rain gutters and figure out whether or not they can truly be clog-free.

The Problem With Gutter Screens

When we think of clog-free rain gutters, we think of a screen placed over the top of our existing gutter. This allows leaves and twigs to pass over the gutter onto the ground while allowing rainwater to flow through.

In theory, this is a great idea! But it doesn’t always work as intended. Which leaves us periodically cleaning and unclogging our gutters.

So, why does this supposed clog-free system not work? Well, no matter how fine of a mesh screen you place on the gutter, debris will still fall through. Pine needles, small pieces of broken leaves, and chomped-up acorn shells all manage to slip through the cracks.

Gutter guards typically last 10 to 20 years. However, seeds and other small debris can get into the gutters, which are difficult to remove when cleaning. Hence, homeowners must ensure that their gutters are cleaned regularly at least once or twice a year.

Don’t get us wrong, the screens do block a majority of debris, but periodic cleaning and unclogging are still required.

Why Debris Still Builds Up

Gutter guards work to some degree, but the best designs are very expensive to install and out of reach for the majority of homeowners. Investing in a semi-effective gutter guard might not even be worth the money.

First off, most gutter guards have a tendency to catch debris. Leaves and sticks build up and sit on top of your gutters. This blocks water from flowing through, sending it over the gutter onto the ground. Over time, this will erode the soil around your foundation and cause other issues with your property

If the rainwater can erode the soil around your house, what do you think the water is doing to the leaves that it passes over on its way to the ground? Those leaves trapped on top of your gutter screen are eroding and breaking into small enough pieces. This will eventually fill your gutter full of sludge!

Bust out the ladder, looks like you’re still on cleaning duty.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning includes cleaning all debris, leaves, and branches from the roof and gutter and all valleys and downpipes. It can help prevent flood damage, fire, rotting, rusting, and deterioration. Cleaning gutters also help prevent overflowing gutters that pour water and make patios and pathways slippery, which usually poses safety hazards.  

No one likes cleaning gutters, especially during a heavy rainstorm. The job is messy, time-consuming, and dangerous. And with gutter guards in your way, your job just got even harder!

Calling on a professional for rain gutter repair and cleaning is the most effective way to keep your gutters clean and functional. That way you skip the hassle of cleaning and the wasted expense of semi-effective gutter guards.

Find a gutter cleaning professional that has years of experience and insurance. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a professional is handling the job and you’re covered if an untoward incident happens during the gutter cleaning procedure. 

Search for several gutter cleaning companies in your area and read their website to know their services, rates, and contact details.

Clog Free Gutters One Way or Another

Clogged gutters can cause major disasters, such as a slip or fall accident due to slippery walkways and patios and possible fire incidents due to accumulated dried leaves and branches caused by inappropriate disposal of cigarette butts. Therefore, ensure your gutters are free from debris, leaves, branches, and twigs for a safer home.

If having clog-free gutters is your ultimate goal, you can come very close to achieving that! Either by installing an expensive rain system, or two, if the first one doesn’t work, or by hiring a professional to come and do schedule gutter cleaning. Until the day comes when clog-free gutters are obtainable for all, keep dreaming!

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