Organic Cosmetics in Canada – How to Tell the Difference

Cosmetics in Canada

There is a significant difference between a vegetarian and a vegan and a lot of people tend to get this confused at times. A vegetarian is someone who will eat most food groups apart from any meat and a few will also eat dairy products such as milk and eggs, while the Vegan population eats all food groups except for dairy and meat or anything with animal DNA in it. Some vegans do eat eggs but it is mainly personal preference. You can check this post to find the difference in organic cosmetics.

The main thing is, throughout the world there has been a noteworthy increase of people turning towards vegetarianism or veganism, and in Canada statistics show that the number of these groups has increased to 2.3 million people, according to the Statista website. British Columbia being the city with the highest numbers.

In history, there have always been debates about which one is better, eating meat or sticking to only vegetables and fruits, and both sides have always had their points regarding how much better it is for you and how the body needs it. In the end, any type of diet or lifestyle can be unhealthy, if not done correctly, even eating only fruits and vegetables. 

Regarding the positive effects it has on one’s health, this is a decision that lies on the individual and their general practitioner or doctor. The fact is, both, being a vegetarian or a meat-eater have their advantages, some of which can be found on various online sources such as the article found here:, but this article will focus on the products, as opposed to the food. \

The good news is, that it is not just people turning towards eating these classes of foods but also using these categories products. This particular sector has boosted things in all areas including producing both vegan and vegetarian products that range from simple household products to beauty, skincare and accessories as well. 

So, when we look at products that people use on themselves, especially beauty products, we are probably tired of hearing how harmful all the various ingredients are to our skin and how potentially harmful it can be to our health as well. With all these different arguments going on in society, is it not better to stick to something more organic? There is a difference in organic cosmetics products.

We think so too. 

Organic Cosmetics – Conscious Living

The trend of organic and vegan skincare products, along with the trend of people converting, has also grown substantially, due to people being more aware of the damaging impact of chemicals in our environment. People are becoming more conscious and making better decisions when it comes to what they put in their mouth, and also what they put on their skins. It goes by the name of – Conscious Living. 

Enter – Organic Skincare. So, what is it?

How to Tell the difference in organic cosmetics

The Basic idea behind any beauty product qualifying as “organic”, is a very stringent development. The labelling of a product as “organic” cannot be done, even if it has only one ingredient that is partly or not organic. The best way to identify a natural product is not by its branding but more by its list of ingredients. For example, this services organic cosmetic line of products are made up of only natural, and pure ingredients such as cucumber, avocado, Oats, Honey, CBD or Pure Hemp oils. 

In other words, when you use organic you will be working with nature as opposed to against it. It’s that simple. The ingredients are usually grown without any genetically modified organisms or GM’s and are devoid of any pesticides, herbicides and artificial additives. They are also not tested on animals, have no controversial chemicals, dyes, fragrances or synthetic materials inside of it. 

What they will have is biodegradable packaging that you can recycle, sustainably sourced ingredients, higher levels of antioxidants than most other products due to using natural fruit enzymes and vegetable oils, lastly but not the least their manufacturing processes would most likely be transparent. 

Being mindful about not only what we eat and put on our skins, but also of the environment we live in, should ideally be everyone’s next step. Especially if we still want nature and clean air to be around for decades to come. 


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