Making Facebook Videos? Here’s How You Do It

how to make facebook videos

Building your brand in this and age is not easy. On the one hand, you do not have to spend as much as you would back in the day to reach your audience. However, this also means tons of other businesses are doing the same, and there is a high level of competition. Gone or the days where you would compulsorily have to place an ad on the TV or radio to gain traction. Content marketing has become the most effective way to further your brand.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the top platforms for social media marketing. If you are building a brand or already have a business with revenue coming your way and want to go online, there has never been a better time to do so. However, you will have to create and follow an effective content marketing strategy, which varies with each of the mentioned platforms. For example, you would have to use YouTube cards, annotations, decide between customer message vs teaser text youtube cards to find the best way to optimize your YouTube videos and channel.

Guide to Make Facebook Videos?

Facebook and Instagram have other factors you need to be aware of to get the mileage you want. Here’s what you need to know about making Facebook videos:

Pick your niche

You cannot start making videos unless you know for whom you want to create them and what you want out of your videos. Your niche and target audience will determine the kind of content you will be making and your overall marketing strategy.

You need to hook the viewer in the first three seconds

Since your audience’s attention span has declined over the years, you need to be able to get their attention in the first few seconds if you want them to watch the entire video. You do not want your audience to open the video and close it within the first few seconds. To make sure you capture their attention in the first couple of seconds, make sure you:

Have visually appealing thumbnails

Catchy thumbnails help you stand out at first glance, which boosts the chances of your video getting opened.

Use the most significant part of the video as a teaser

Come up with a catchy title, and use the crux of the video as the teaser. Place it in the beginning to give the viewer a taste of what to expect from the entire video.

Start immediately

There is no point in wasting time with an introduction video unless you place it after the teaser. This way, you get to use your introduction video but encourage the viewer to watch the entire video because of your teaser.

Optimize your title and description

There are millions of videos on Facebook, which means you need to stand out in your niche. Use a catchy title with keywords and use keywords in your description, informing the viewer precisely what they can expect from this video. Video optimization for Facebook and every other platform is critical to increasing traffic and viewership.

Add captions to your videos

Merely posting a video is not enough. You need to create a context. Sometimes people cannot watch the videos with the sound on, which means they are relying on captions. Most people watch videos during work or commute hours, which means they cannot always have the sound on. If you do not have captions to create context, they will close the video immediately. Adding captions is work, but worth it to retain your audience.

Adding a Call-to-Action

Your video might be fantastic. You may have managed to evoke a range of emotions with your video. But what do you do next? That depends on what you want your audience to do. In other words, issue a Call-to-Action (CTA). You can use a CTA to ask your audience to subscribe, follow, visit your website, comment, like, share, purchase your products, and so on. How do you do this? Here are a few ways:

  • Consider including a link to your website or blog post in the post copy and tell your followers where they can find out more.
  • You may also issue a CTA during the video via a text overlay at some point in the video. Your viewers take action when it pops up in the video.
  • The most common way to issue a CTA is at the end of the video and let the video play for some time to give people time to process and understand the CTA.

How to market your videos on Facebook?

There are tons of ways to market your Facebook videos. Here are some of the most commonly used tips:

Learn how to use Facebook Analytics

As you post content, you need to monitor specific performance metrics to find out which posts tend to do the best. Facebook analytics give you a good idea of how your audience is responding to your videos (or other forms of content). Make sure you check out the Facebook analytics logo if you have not seen it.

Facebook’s Targeted Ads

As you may know, targeted ads can help you get a ton of mileage. Supplementing paid traffic to the traffic you are building organically through content is a winning strategy. However, you have to identify your target audience based on several parameters and focus on reaching them. Remember to create stellar content, especially if you plan on using targeted ads to boost them. No amount of marketing can sell poor content. The same applies to Instagram. Instagram allows you to put out sponsored posts and track them using Instagram Insights.


The tips in this article should help you refine your Facebook video creation and marketing effects without any time waste or trial and error. Be sure to create tons of content and optimize it to stay on top of your game in the Facebook marketing world.


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