Email Marketing Tips For Your Startup

Email Marketing Tips For Startups

For startups, email marketing is one of the best digital marketing channels as it is both effective and affordable. In most cases, the teams at startups personally know their email contacts, and thus, they can effectively target the audience despite heavy competition. Also, email addresses are used to sign up for various services and as an official correspondence channel, making it a common digital marketing platform for reaching out to all clients. If you are a fresh startup looking forward to vamping up email marketing efforts, this blog has excellent Email Marketing Tips For Startups that sourced from industry’s best email developers and marketers. Read the article ahead to know the insider Email Marketing Tips For startups and best practices. 

Focus On Building A Healthy Email List From Day One

No matter if you are planning to send out emails from the beginning, it is necessary to start building an email list from day one. Your email contacts are your strongest lead sources, and they are the already acquired prospects who are interested in your business. Motivate your website’s visitors to sign up for your email newsletters by including a signup box on your homepage and contact us page. You can also use exit-intent pop-ups to fetch email addresses of your visitors. Offering gated content, interesting blogs, and promising discounts/freebies also helps you build a healthy mailing list. I also recommend using double opt-ins to ensure the best mailing list hygiene and better results for your marketing activities. 

Create A Compelling Email Copy

When we talk about email marketing, you have to keep in mind that your subscribers receive around 121 emails every day. Being a startup, your subscribers will expect insightful, rich, and compelling emails that excite them to know more about your business. Since your email list is comparatively smaller, and you would know the key contacts personally in most cases, go for creating personalized copies that help your readers connect with your brand. Apart from this, also look out for grammatical mistakes and build a consistent brand image to substantially improve your email metrics. Remember, your emails serve as the best avenue to know about tips for your startup and your vision at large.

Here’s an example of great email copy from none other than Dollar Shave Club:

Capitalize On Segmentation And Personalization

Whenever email marketing is concerned, segmentation and personalization efforts always talk about the priority list of marketers. They are also the top strategies used by email developers across the world. You should use the automation workflows provided by your ESPs as staying relevant becomes difficult as you scale up. New subscribers and segmented lists will require you to tweak your copies as well as the email design to stay relevant. This also applies to your subject lines. I recommend focusing on segmentation and personalization optimally as you will have a smaller mailing list. 

Optimize Your Emails For Smartphones

Smartphones are owned by pretty much all your customers, and everyone is used to consuming information on their mobile phones. I suggest using responsive HTML email templates that fit perfectly across all screen sizes. This improves your deliverability rates and helps your users access your email conveniently. Mobile optimization is also essential as scheming messages on smartphones is now a morning routine for a large portion of individuals. As a brewing startup, adopting a mobile-first design approach is a must as the future marketing activities will require you to provide value on the go.

Leverage On Social Proof In Your Emails And Encourage Social Media Sharing

Social proof and startups go hand in hand for all marketing activities. I find that using social proof in your email copies helps your readers connect with your brand with the help of user-generated content (UGC.) Usually, people find social proof as a reliable source of information like personal recommendations and word of mouth. You can also include surveys and testimonials. Approach your subscribers to share their opinions through short survey forms that you can, in turn, use to engage new subscribers. Social media sharing is a powerful engagement driver, and you should encourage social sharing of your emails. Though such instances are very limited, they help to polish your image by leaps and bounds.

Analyze, Rectify, And Repeat

Email marketing is a long-term lead generation method, and you will have to continuously analyze your results. Rectifying the loopholes in your sales funnel and email marketing strategy will require you to study the email metrics. Find out what works best for your subscribers and keep updating your database for any changes in customer preferences. There is no placebo for making your email marketing plan work and if it is delivering any results, make a point to correct the processes instead of starting afresh. Repeat analysis and rectification over the course of time to develop meaningful relationships with your subscribers.

Summing Up 

For any startup, the limited team size and availability of time, resources, and proper tools remain a big challenge. Still, email marketing is worth it with its jaw-dropping 4400% ROI, and I hope you find these Email Marketing Tips For Startups useful for your future endeavors. 


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