8 Best Tips and Techniques for Video Editing Like a Pro

Video Editing

Video editing is one of the most difficult parts of vlogging. It requires a lot of practice and patience for video editing like a pro. Today, various tools are available in the market that easily use heavy tools and create amazing high-quality videos. If you are a beginner looking for various tips and tricks for your videos editing like a pro, we have a list of tips and techniques for you to follow.

1. Look For the Right One

Looking for the right software for your video edits is very important and similar to the situation when you buy a house or a car. Here we have the top three video editors that are currently popular in the market.

  • Premiere Pro-

One of the most popular applications among video editors is premiere pro. It has regular updates, multiple online support, Multicam editing, and is linked with Adobe software. The only two cons are that it has too slow export of files, and updates will bug you a lot.

  • Final Cut Pro- 

If you are a beginner but still want to make the best of the best editing for your YouTube videos, then the final cut pro is exactly what you need. It is costly but has some great advantages like compound clips, Multicam support, sleek interface, fast workflow, and plugins like EchoRemover 2. The only disadvantage is that it is available only on Mac.

  • Avid media composer- 

Most of the Hollywood are proud to house, use this software to edit their projects. The server rendering abilities make it a perfect app for large projects with extensive features. One of the disadvantages is the bad user interface.

2. Choosing the Right PC

Having a great computer is certainly not enough to make you a professional editor. You need the right configuration to be able to edit high-end rendering software. Although every person has different choices, we have listed a few picks that you can consider before buying a computer.

  • Fast Storage Drive- one of the major undertakings of video editing like a pro is storage drive. Firstly, it will help you to get the footage quickly along with the software. Thus, enabling it to render, load, and export the files. It is costly, but it is worth every penny.
  • Increase RAM- you need to fasten your editing speed, and hence, increasing memory is important. Experts recommend a minimum of 4GB RAM for editing videos. Professional editors require a lot more memory to make great videos.
  • Faster Processor- editing requires a balancing environment. If you have a fast processor but less memory or storage, then the computer will run slow.
3. Be a Storyteller

Editing is not easy; it is not only about slicing images or adding filters. It is a lot more than that. If you want to make professional videos, you have to become a storyteller. Every cut you make, the graphics you add, or the themes you choose tells a story. Music and speed can work like magic. Therefore, you need to know the conflict and accentuate it to make a great story.

4. Make The Keyboard Shortcuts Your Best Friend

Editors are defined by the use of keyboard shortcuts. Any expert can depict a novice with their use of the keyboard. An expert knows the value of time, and even a second is precious. Therefore, before diving into the world of professional editors, it is important to know the shortcuts.

  • Cheat Sheets- if you are a beginner, you can prepare a cheat sheet and place it on your work desk. Cutting, playback, or simply edit jobs require shortcuts that you can use to save yourself a lot of time.
  • Editing keyboard- editing keyboards with shortcut keys are used by professional editors. If you are ready to invest a little, then it can be a great choice. You can also take help of an online video editor. Why not find out more?
5. Learn Editing

Nothing is possible without having the proper knowledge. Video editing is not just for fun anymore. It is an industry. And when you are willing to take up something as a profession, you need to learn it. Here are some facts that you need to know to create amazing videos.

  • Jumpcut- When an editor cuts pieces of time from video, it is known as a jump cut. The motto behind this is to only show what is interesting to the audience.
  • J and L cut- when you want to join two scenes or videos together, you need to apply the J, and L cut. J cut is where you hear the audio before watching the video, While the L cut is where you see the video first and audio later.
  • Montage- montage is a known tool, but it is very powerful and helps you to grow your story. It shows the passage of time.
  • Match action/cut- when the editor cuts from one similar visual to another scene, it is known as match cut or action. You can do these easily with videocreek.com
6. Cutting an Action

If you are planning to create an interesting scene, cutting action is the tool you use. Cutting in between action scenes makes it look interesting.

  • Adding a Good Music

Music and audio play a major role in editing. Good music is essential for you to spend your money on. After all, spending some cash will be worth it in the end.

  • Leveling- 

Every video editor is different and has variant opinions. As a beginner, you might face problems selecting the right ones. Here is a suggestion from where you can adjust your levels.

Overall mix- 10-14decibel

Dialogue- 12-(-15) decibel

Music- 18- (-22) decibel

7. Exporting Videos to Web

The basic problem that beginners face is to export their exited video to the web or other portals. Although everyone wants their video to be on the big screen, most of it will be seen on mobile phones, TV, computers. It is important to maintain quality for a better visual experience. Large files often destroy the quality of your video. Here are four factors that are responsible for your final video.

  • Codec
  • Resolution
  • Bit rate
  • Frame rate
8. Tips To Edit Videos Quickly

Editing fast has nothing to do with better edits. Being able to edit quickly helps to try various small functions in a short time. This helps you create better videos and become a fast editor.

Try these tips to edit videos like a professional.



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