6 different types of freelancing jobs you can start with

freelancing jobs

Freelancing has become popular as people find it exciting and challenging to work remotely on their skills rather than in strict corporate environments. They get to choose their time, work type, and location without any restrictions. In the last few years, many of them have given up their regular jobs and started freelancing, which shows how essential and rising the freelancing market is.

Considering this rise, millions of businesses are looking for experts who can help them with the desired skills. So if you hold any specific skills to complete someone’s work and help them achieve their project goals, you can generate a good income from any remote locations. There are several freelance jobs that entrepreneurs, agencies, big and small companies, and professionals provide to skilled people. Hence, we thought of introducing you to six different types of freelancing jobs in the market that you can consider to start your own freelance business.


Freelance photography is an extremely popular type of freelancing, but for this, you must have an intense passion for photography and an excellent level of experience. You will need to create an attractive portfolio that best describes your work and niche. For instance, you can have skills for capturing a detailed topic like products, modelling, videography, architecture, landscape, etc.

Besides, you will need good equipment to make a fruitful career out of this skill. You will also require advanced knowledge of post-processing, retouching, and editing the photos. This will involve learning software applications that help edit and enhance picture qualities. 

Logo Design and Illustration:

Logo designs and illustration freelance jobs create exciting, engaging, and fun opportunities for creative minds. Thus, you will need to become a little creative every time to attract clients with your artistic and magical illustrations. This means you will require exceptional design and graphic skills.

Besides, you will need to know how to find potential clients, market your skills, and have a fantastic taste in designs. In this job, you will have to deal with different types of clients, so you have to be ready for that. If you think you are creative enough to find great work while completing your education, you can find various sites to fulfil your wish. For example, Dormzi offers freelance illustrator jobs for students so you can try your best to find the work.

Writing and Copywriting:

Writing and Copywriting have become the most popular freelancing jobs in recent years as the majority of businesses are moving online. People are always looking for writers to write articles, eBooks, blogs, speeches, press releases, and copywriters for creating catchy advertisements. 

These types of contents go on their websites and social media pages that become a base for attracting visitors to the site. Freelance can contain anything like creative writing, ghost-writing, or writing for a business website. Hence, if you wish to become a freelance writer, you will require excellent writing skills and the ability the complete the articles and write-up quickly to have a good output.

Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry jobs are known to be the most popular and easiest jobs in the freelancing field. But you should note that it requires perfect inputs as even a small mistake can ruin other details and work of the client. Besides, there is nothing new about this job, and you don’t even require high skills to complete the tasks. For instance, you may have to see a document’s images and convert them into a word file or spreadsheet. 

The clients usually have certain amounts of pages that they ask you to complete in a day or two. In order to be successful at the data entry job, you need to have a quick typing speed so that you can accept plenty of work for a day. But most importantly, you will need to have a good amount of patience to do the same type of task, i.e., do data entry every day.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization has become another popular freelancing job as every business wants to rank better in online searches. Many people have a habit of looking only through the first few search results of Google for which they have developed an algorithm. This algorithm ensures that the users get the most relevant search results on the first page.

Hence, as a search engine optimization freelancer, you will help clients make their website rank higher on Google search. For this job, you must know things like link building, how Google works, what are the different tools to rank better, how to rank high on Google, etc.

Admin Support/ Virtual Assistance:

Many business owners have to deal with important tasks, and thus, they look for people who can support or assist them in different things. They require virtual managing and assisting on different tasks to facilitate their work. To work as a virtual assistant or admin support, you need to have exceptional organization skills.

Furthermore, you will need to keep track of the client’s work, arrange meetings and appointments, tell them the deadlines, handle emails, etc. You will have to keep an eye on ordering supplies for office work and pay the bills.


These are a few of the demanding and popular freelancing jobs in the market, but there are many others that depend on people’s specific skills and requirements. 


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