5 Creative Jobs That Can Earn You A Great Living

Job that you can earn

You don’t have to sacrifice your creativity to earn a living. That’s a common misperception, but in today’s world there exists an abundance of job that you can earn highly lucrative salary that require acutely creative minds. Some of these opportunities are more traditional careers while others have arisen due to the abundance of digital and online markets.

With a little bit of market savvy, a touch of entrepreneurial spirit, and some good luck, creative people can now earn just as much money as financial professionals. 

The following is a list of five job that you can earn high-salary that require artistically and creatively brilliant minds:


Architecture has always been considered one of the more lucrative careers and that hasn’t changed. While architect schools now train students for a wide range of careers, including construction management, interactive media, and product design, the field of architecture has traditionally always favored professionals who possess both mathematical and creative abilities. 

The job requires viewing both external and internal spaces as complex vectors that must be carefully designed for maximum functionality. This involves creatively determining the most appealing but practical ways to configure objects in spacial environments.

Graphic Design

The field of graphic design can include everything from logo design to commercial graphics and online banners. While graphic design has always been a rewarding profession, the rise of the Internet as one of the dominant communication platforms on Earth has made graphic design skills and services particularly lucrative. 

Most companies, especially large corporations with billion-dollar brands, realize the importance of design in marketing and connecting with consumers and invest considerable funds to hire graphic artists who can take their campaigns to the next level visually. 

Graphic design is a particularly promising career for people who want to be independent freelance workers instead of remaining employed by a single company. Graphic designers can simultaneously take on multiple clients from different industries and build an impressively varied portfolio of work.


We don’t normally think of programming as a creative job but the reality is coding is the basis for everything we see on the Internet and many of the biggest apps and platforms we use. In today’s day and age, programmers have an incredible degree of control over the aesthetics of online navigation. In fact, in many ways, programming is kind of like the architecture of the Internet – designing the foundation, construction, and infrastructure of the buildings, stores, properties, and entertainment platforms we go to virtually every day on our computers and mobile devices. 

Not all of programming and coding necessarily requires an artistic sensibility, but there is certainly a distinct aesthetic taste that goes into making functional web pages perform intuitively and creating a good user experience. 


You might not have considered the artistry required to be a chef but food preparation is definitely a creative job. And it is most certainly a well-paying career if the right restaurant or food company hires you. There is an entire cottage industry now revolving around creative cooking, including chefs that incorporate cultural storytelling into their meals, mosaic food artists, and a wide range of brilliantly prepared culinary small plates.

Additionally, the booming proliferation of food trucks in the last decade or so has made it possible for low-income vendors to start their own businesses and build a large customer base. Creatively designed food trucks in every major city now offer everything from tacos, grilled cheese and mac n’ cheese to specialty ethnic dishes and even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

There’s virtually no limit to how successful a creative, entrepreneurial-minded chef can become these days.

Fashion designers

Fashion has always been a lucrative career but in the last two decades, we have witnessed an innovative revolution in the fashion industry. Clothing styles are now viewed as a legitimate art form – one that also happens to have a rabid pop culture following with entire television franchises and product lines devoted to making them famous. Fashion designers is job that you can earn can earn very competitive salaries in a wide range of jobs, including costume and wardrobe departments on film and television sets, as well as marketing new fabrics and patterns to consumers and retailers.


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