Popular Online Casino Games: Let’s check out the most popular ones

popular online casino games

Popular Online Cricket Betting ID games to enjoy constantly growing popularity during the last several years. More and more people reach out to web casinos, either instead of land based facilities, or as an alternative to other online gaming services. 

One of the main attractions of any online casino is, of course, the opportunity to win some real money by simply playing the games, and making comparatively small bets. On the other hand, online casino games have their own attractions, besides the monetary aspect. Modern games are well-designed, beautiful, and can keep one entertained for hours. Online casino games can be a perfect time killer when one is bored, commutes in a traffic jam, or waits in a queue. 

However, not everyone wants to play real money casinos, and risk their funds, for the sake of winning some extra cash in a game. Many people don’t even consider winnings, all they want is to simply play fun games. And this is understandable – eventually, the chances to lose more than win are high. But, there is good news – many popular online casino games can be played free of charge, and some of them are extremely popular. Find out more in this post! 

Why Are Some Games More Popular Than Others?

Why do some casino games for fun become more popular than other software products, sometimes at the same online casino? Well, when we talk about real money casino gambling, then high RTP rates often decide in favour of this or that game. However, when we’re talking purely games in Demo mode, it is the level of entertainment, plus sleek design, that define the level of popularity. 

When the gambles are available in Demo mode, it means the visitor of the site does not need to deposit money, or even register with the site, to try the gambles out. The only criterion, therefore, that is important for such visitors is whether the game is fun to play. And there are five types of gambles that are believed to be the most entertaining. 

Popular online casino games: Slots Machines 

Slots are all-time favourites, and this is true for gamblers across the globe. Slots games, especially online, enjoy the biggest popularity, whatever gambling country we are talking about. The reason why? There are several reasons. 

Firstly, slots are incredibly numerous; it is safe to say that there are thousands of slots games by now, by different software providers. NetEnt casino provider is one of the most popular casino games software developers. Secondly, slots are variously themed, including some exclusive branded slots, like Marvel or Game of Thrones gambles. Thirdly, slots are very easy to play, as the rules are simple, and no complicated skills are necessary. 

Roulette one of the most popular online casino games

Roulette is one of those classic casino table games that have been offered at casinos since the dawn of modern gambling house as we know it. Roulette gambles are also often offered in Demo mode, and are fun to play. This is the game of chance, meaning no complicated skills or experience are necessary to win. The rules are easy to learn, and while the variety is more humble than in the case of slots, many players still prefer good old classic Roulette. 


Blackjack is a game of skill, to a certain degree. It is chosen in the Demo mode for one of two reasons – either the player wants something more exquisite for entertainment than spinning slots thoughtlessly, or, the player is a newbie who has an ambition of becoming a big gambler one day, and win big sums playing Blackjack at online or offline casinos for real money. 

In the first case, Blackjack is a perfect distraction from boredom or anxiety. The rules are more complicated, and there are some strategies to apply for more wins. The player will be more engaged, and as a result, more entertained. In the second case, trying Blackjack for free makes perfect sense to a beginner bettor. Free game enables them to learn the rules and strategies, and get used to how the game goes. 

Video Poker 

This is another game that can be pursued for free with ambitious purposes of playing it later for real money. While automatic Video poker differs a lot from the game one plays at the table, with Live Dealer or offline, the concepts of the game are still the same. 

To play video poker well, it is necessary to know the rules, remember all the hands, and also keep in mind the peculiarities of every poker game, because different number of decks is used in each. Playing Video poker for free, however, is a good way to train one’s memory and attentiveness, to achieve the results they want, later in real money play. 

Scratch Cards 

In contrast to Blackjack and Video poker, Scratch cards are played for pure entertainment, and aesthetic pleasure. The main point and attraction of the Scratch cards is that they are visually satisfying to play. The visual and sound effects in every game have a soothing and relaxing effect. Even when one plays Scratch cards for real money, they cannot expect big wins, so pleasure and relaxation are the main bonuses of this type of casino gamble. 

Final Thoughts 

Most online casinos today offer many of their games in the Practice mode. If you want to have fun and relax playing a cool game in high quality, check out some casino sites.


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