4 Tips for Promoting Your New Private Label Sauce

Tips for Promoting Your New Private Label Sauce

Congratulations on coming up with a great custom branded BBQ sauce. Now that it’s ready to hit the market, how do you go about attracting attention? You’ve got a lot of options for marketing but a limited budget to work with. How will you get out the word? Here are four tips that will help. 

A Website and Blog are Essential

It’s difficult to conceive of any company that can’t benefit from having a website and a blog. Your website serves as the foundation for your online advertising and marketing efforts. It’s where you get to tell your story, point out benefits of the product, and even where people can find the sauces. 

Couple that with a blog that gives people ideas on how to use the sauce. You can also include some fun things too, like providing a few factoids like how is custom BBQ sauce made and what you do to make yours stand out from the pack. Recipes people can try, tips on which of your sauces are likely to appeal to those with certain sensibilities and other sauce-related topics will provide subject matter for posts that people will read.

So is Social Media

Just as you need a website and a blog, it’s important to utilize social media to best effect. Identify two or three sites that your targeted client base is most likely to use and set up accounts. Posts can include images, tips, and links back to pages on your blog or website. The text in the posts can serve as teasers that point back to blogs about your private label sauces. Best of all, social media posts are easy for your followers to share with others. 

Don’t Overlook the Power of Video

Do consider using video as part of your marketing plans. Short videos that are entertaining while promoting your sauces can be quite effective. Some can be informational, such as video that gets into the custom sauce manufacturing process and why you only use the best ingredients. 

Others can be funny, such as unexpected company showing up around dinnertime, motivating the host to put on some pasta and grab a container of your sauce from the cupboard. Paired with a salad, the host emerges victorious with a meal that takes ten minutes but looks like it took much longer. 

And Cross-Promotions With Restaurants and Grocery Stores

One strategy to try is cross-promotion with restaurants and a local grocer. Sell your sauce at a deep discount to the restaurant. In return, you get to set up a display that touts the sauce and the fact that it’s on sale at the local grocery store. After trying your BBQ sauce at the restaurant, people may feel motivated to stop by the store and pick up some. 

Over at the grocery store, set up a display that’s intended to sell the product but also mentions that it’s used for certain dishes at the local eatery. That may motivate some grocery shoppers to stop by the restaurant and try your private label hot sauce on a dish. If they like it, those consumers are more likely to pick up a few containers the next time they visit the grocer. 

These are only some of the ways that you can market your line giraffefoods.com private label sauces. As you go along, more opportunities will come your way. Use them to best advantage and your sauce will become a favorite in many residential and commercial kitchens.


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