Things to Do When You Are in Jamaica

things to do in jamaica

Jamaica is situated in North America and is an island country. It spans over an area of 4,240 square miles. Jamaica is the third most populous country in America. Tourism is a significant source of income in Jamaica. Montego Bay is known for its tourism in Jamaica, while Kingston is the capital city. While there are a lot of things to do in Jamaica, we have listed the top activities.

Top 5 Things to do in Jamaica

If you are an active traveler, then Jamaica should be on your list. Many activities in Jamaica will keep you engaged and make your trip worthy. From hiking on a mountain to chilling in the beach with a dry martini to exploring the underwater world, you can do everything in Jamaica. Let’s check out the major activities you can do in Jamaica.

  1. Dunn’s River Falls (Ocho Rios)

If you are looking for shore excursions in Jamaica, Dunn’s river falls must be on your list. If you are cruising on a ship, this is a must stop. You can climb the falls or hike, or you can take a nap along the beachside. Climbing the falls is a real delight, and you must try it. Be cautious as it is a bit slippery. Wear protective gear to save yourself from any significant accident. It is one of the natural wonders of Jamaica. Hence, you would love to spend some hours or half a day at Dunn’s River Falls.

  1. Seven Mile Beac

If you love to party at dusk, then this beach is the perfect match for you. Seven Miles has clear water, and you would love to sunbathe at the beach. Nude sunbathing is also allowed at the beach, so if you want, you can keep your children away from the spot. You will find different water sports on this beach such as sailboats and kayaks. You will find everything on this beach from fresh lobsters to chilled beer. And, hold on till dusk, as the beach becomes the best spot for party close to water. It is one of the most popular party spots in Jamaica, so do not miss out on the opportunity.

  1. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is the best spot with gardens and greenery surrounding the area if you are searching for some serenity. You can put on your best swim costume and dive into the clear water of the lagoon. Remember, the water is quite deep, and try to dive or swim only if you are a professional swimmer. You can experience this place on a boat with your group or on a rafting tour—the color of the water changes at different points of the day with the sun’s angle. Therefore, the place is an absolute treat to the eyes and is excellent for breath-taking photographs.

  1. Boston Beach

If you want to relish some Jamaican eats under the sun, head to Boston Beach. This place has undoubtedly one of the best Jamaican foods. This place is a favorite spot for surfers because of its super-friendly waves. However, water is a bit rough. Hence, keep the children under surveillance. The shore has powder-white, soft sands. You can also head to the Boston Jerk Center for munching over some jerk food. While you indulge in eating, you can enjoy live music as well.

  1. Bob Marley Museum

Well, who doesn’t love music? Most importantly, who doesn’t love Bob Marley? When you are in Kingston, make sure you pay a visit to the Bob Marley Museum. The museum is a memorial of the legendary Jamaican singer. The museum is the former home of the artist. Therefore, you will get to see his recording room and his artifacts.

We have listed just the top 5 attractions or activities you can do in Jamaica. Well, you can also visit the Doctor’s Cave Beach or Reach Falls. When you are in Jamaica, try not to waste a single day, and enjoy your trip to the fullest. We hope you have the best days of your life in Jamaica while you are sunbathing at Seven Mile Beach or just hiking on the Dunn’s River Falls.


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