Best Places to Visit in Italy: Make Your Honeymoon More Romantic

best places to visit in Italy

You are in for a magical experience if you have chosen Italy as your honeymoon destination. Imagine being on a cruise enjoying the ambiance of the canals in Venice. Then you can also go for vineyard tasting and wine tasting with your partner by your side amidst the beauty of Tuscany. After an exhausting day, you and your partner can let your hair down for a romantic dinner by the Coast of Amalfi. These are just a few of the best places to visit in Italy during the fascinating honeymoon. 

As you are gearing up to paint the magical places in Italy with the color of love, here we are to help you with an itinerary. The destinations you will learn about in the sections below will make your trip to this romantic city more memorable. Moreover, several honeymoon packages can offer you customizations to both do not have to compromise during your honeymoon! P.S. Don’t forget that the Italian pizzas must try with cheese oozing out from all over! 

List of the best places to visit in Italy

Get ready to start a virtual tour of Italy in your mind to understand what is precisely waiting to welcome you both! Benvenuto in Italia!

Let’s start with a gondola ride in Venice.

A favorite of people from across the world, gondolas, highlight Venice’s beautiful city in Italy. It is also one of the primary attractions that makes Italy a suitable honeymoon destination. Exploring the city in a gondola is one of the most romantic things to do when you are here. While you are aboard, the cruise takes you through the famous Venetian canals. Moreover, you get to see the mesmerizing examples of classic Italian architecture. The most exciting fact is that Venice’s lifestyle and beauty still successfully highlight the same charm that the city had 600 years back. Therefore, Venice is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Italy

Best attractions:

  • Cruising through Venice and visiting places such as the Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco. You must not miss this experience when in Italy for your honeymoon. 
  • Venice is also one of the best places to visit in Italy for food. So, do not miss the yummy gelatos when you are on an evening date. 
  • Book two seats for an evening show in Theatre La Fenice. Here, you will experience world-class opera and ballet performances. 

Fine wine and intoxicating beauty of Florence

 When we are discussing the magical places in Italy, Florence comes to the mind quite instantly. The city is mainly famous for classic examples of Renaissance architecture and art. Moreover, Florence is Italy’s wine capital (literally the capital of Tuscany), known worldwide for its delicious wine and vineyards. Pretty much a contrary to the classic Renaissance vibe, Florence also has that perfect European cityscape you will love. People who come here say that there is love in the air in Florence. So, why not experience it yourself to know if the saying is true or not! 

Best attractions:

  • Hire a bike and ride through the beautiful lanes of Florence to the Tuscany countryside. Lined with vineyards, castles, and olive groves, there is nothing not to love in here. Plus, a wine tasting session is unmissable when you are in the wine capital. 
  • You will surely want to go to the famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge. There are so many movies where you may have seen how couples through keys over the Ponte bridge. Well, it is an age-old tradition that locals and tourists have still kept alive. 
  • Sunsets were never so fascinating before. You are surely going to say so when you experience the same standing on the Piazzale Michelangelo. 

Cilento- one of the exotic places to visit in Italy!

As you finish exploring two of the best places to visit in Italy, it is time to get away from the noisy cityscape. We are now taking you to the small town of Cilento, which is a fantastic romantic hub. Since Cilento is one of the lesser-known places in Italy, the serenity and tranquility are unmatched. Enjoy and relax with your partner in a historic business minus the crowd. The glimmering coastline, beautiful hills, and archeological remnants of Cilento are nothing short of exotic!

Best attractions:

  • Visit the enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. 
  • Try some of the boat rides to explore the vicinity of Cilento. 

For the pizzas and the views- Naples is what you may choose.

We can assure you that you will surely regret the same if you miss Naples during your Italian honeymoon. Naples ticks all the boxes of awesomeness with a splendid volcanic view, medieval architecture, culinary brilliance, romantic beach, etc. While exploring this historic city, you will feel the music in everything, starting from the frescoes to graffiti. Since Naples is one of the most romantic places to visit in Italy, there is so much you can do here. 

Best attractions:

  • Pizzeria Fratelli Salvo and 50 Kalo are two of the best pizza places in Naples. Check them out for a fantastic cheesy treat!
  • We are sure that Vesuvius and Pompeii’s beauty will be on the next level with your partner by your side. 
  • If you are planning to stay in Naples for a few days, then both of you can enroll for a couple of courses on Tarantella dancing. 
  • The Poggireale market offers customers a vast range of beautiful local stuff. So, fill your bags with some lovely stuff to take back home. After all, such souvenirs are what will remind you of the memorable trip!

Final thoughts: best places to visit in Italy

Italy is indeed one of the most favorite tourist destinations for people from across the world. Those mentioned above are just a fraction of the many beautiful attractions in this place. So, don’t miss out on any sites and activities when you visit Italy in the future. 


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