Tours From The Air And Why They Are Great

Tours From The Air

One of the most basic fears people have is heights- but some are worth facing your fears.  Air tours have kicked off and have become more popular than ever lately, and for a great purpose!  They let you see views you’d never get on land, you don’t have to interact with nature in endangered areas physically, and you exhilarate being airborne.  What more could you want?

Here are some facts on air-based tours, and why you should seek them out!

What Types of Air Tours Are There?

Air tours come in many shapes and forms.  From as quiet and high class as a private jet to the noise and fun of a helicopter.  Some areas even offer tours in smaller light aircraft that can only sit one to two people besides the pilot.  Each of these offers something the others don’t, and their pros and cons should be considered before you pick one.  

How Much Do They Cost?

This cost depends on not only the vehicle but also the location.  For instance, a helicopter tour of New York City starts at $190 per passenger, but a helicopter tour of a smaller city like Galveston, Texas, would be around $50 per person.  

The price goes up for private jets and drops for smaller light aircraft.

The more people you bring, the higher that price is going to rocket, so you must plan to budget a reasonably large amount.

Where Can I Go on an Air Tour?

Air tours are available all over the world!  You should always research ahead of time, but most major cities offer air tours.  Some cities, like Dubai, even have Uber services based on helicopters and private jets.  Think about what you’d like to see, and where you can get those views.  Some of the most popular places to get air tours can have the right mix of nature and cities, which has views that’ll make anyone want to drop everything and look for homes for sale in Vancouver.

Why Not A Boat or Bus Tour?

Bus and boat tours have their purposes.  They’re cheaper ways to travel, they aren’t as scary for people who fear heights, and they are more readily available.  The thing most people aren’t looking for is what’s readily available when they’re on vacation.  People want something exciting, something that will leave memories that they’ll go back to for years.  An aerial tour, where you’re viewing breathtaking sights from thousands of feet in the air is all you need to create a memory you won’t lose.

Are There Any Cons?

Unfortunately, no tour can be perfect; there are some issues with air-based tours.  For one, there’s the noise.  Airborne tours, and its several options, mean that you’ll have to be in a vehicle of some sort.  Helicopters especially can be incredibly loud, nearly deafening.  Although most touring companies offer headsets so you can hear each other talk if you want a romantic or intimate tour, you likely don’t want to have to yell through your headphones to be heard.


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