7 Sexy Anniversary Gifts That Will Drive Your Partner Wild

sexy anniversary gifts

When your anniversary is around the corner, it’s important to find the right gift for your partner. Roses, a lovely card, and a nice dinner are all great, but sometimes it’s fun to spice things up a bit.

Giving your partner sexy anniversary gifts can help keep things fresh and take things to the next level. But what if you’ve never given them a risque gift before? What are some different gift ideas?

Keep reading for 7 sexy anniversary gift ideas that’ll drive your partner wild.

  1. An Aphrodisiac Cookbook

What is an aphrodisiac, and what does it do? An aphrodisiac is a type of food or drug that boosts your libido, or sexual drive. They can make you want to have sex more, and can also increase the pleasure you feel while having sex.

Specific foods boost your libido, so why not give your partner an entire cookbook full of aphrodisiac recipes? Cooking on its own is already a sexy activity that the two of you can do together.

Aphrodisiac cookbooks are filled with sensual recipes and are also written in a way that’s certain to turn the both of you on.

You can also look into trying certain drugs to help increase libido. To boost your sexual arousal, check out pt-141.

  1. Massage Oil 

One of the sexiest activities you and your partner can try is a sensual massage. To get things started, you’ll need some massage oil.

All people love massages. Aside from relieving aches and pains, they can also stimulate erogenous zones, getting you excited and eager for things to come. 

Massage oils glide over the body, making it glistening and sexy. They contain ingredients that can soothe the skin, such as essential oils. You can also choose from different fragrances that’ll give your nose an aromatic treat.

If you’re a fan of all-natural products, there are a variety of all-natural massage oils to choose from. These won’t give your skin a greasy feeling, nor will they leave stains on the bedding. 

  1. A Wedge Pillow

Sometimes to have the best sex, you need some props to help you out. To get the right angles, consider buying a wedge pillow.

Wedge pillows are just what they sound like: a pillow that raises in the shape of a wedge. Yet instead of putting your head on it, you’re going to be putting other body parts on it.

These pillows can help you have better, deeper, and more passionate sex. By elevating your pelvis, they allow you to do the angle you need during sex. Aside from penetrative sex, they can also help you make the most out of scissoring and oral sex, as well.

  1. Lingerie 

Lingerie is a tried-and-true method to create a sexy vibe. If you don’t have any lingerie in your closet, consider buying some for you or your partner.

You can find a huge variety of different types of lingerie in retail stores or online at sites such as Amazon. Some pieces are modest yet seductive, while others are straight raunchy. You can choose between full-body suits and individual pieces. 

Don’t select something that you won’t feel confident enough to wear. But once you do choose something, wear it proudly!

  1. Calvin Klein Underwear 

There are few things in life sexier than a guy in a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. Simple yet snug, they leave just enough to the imagination.

For around $30, you’ll be able to purchase a couple of pairs of Calvins. You can choose between different colors and patterns. You can also select a pride option, as well as pride jockstraps. You and your partner will find them to be silky-soft and comfortable. 

For extra sexiness, purchase them a size smaller. This will ensure that everything “pops”, making them even sexier. Make sure this doesn’t come at the cost of comfort! 

  1. Dirty Jenga 

Have you ever wanted to get down and dirty, but were unsure how to get the ball rolling? Dirty Jenga helps you figure it out. 

The game goes similarly to how normal Jenga is played. The only difference is that each piece you pull out coincides with a number. You’ll then check the manual that comes with the game to find out what sexual thing you need to do.

Tasks range from you sucking your partner’s fingertips, to getting off in front of them. Great for foreplay, any inhibitions you and your partner have will be gone in no time after playing a few rounds of dirty Jenga. 

  1. A Dirty Dice Game 

If Jenga isn’t your thing, you can also look into buying a dirty dice game. These give you all the benefits of dirty Jenga but in a simpler game. All you’ll need to do is roll the dice!

The multi-sided dice come illustrated with various sexual positions. If the dice land on one, you and your partner will need to perform it. Aside from positions, you’ll also find words such as “suck”, “squeeze”, and “blow”.

Some dice games sell as sets with other sexual items, such as bondage sets and handcuffs. 

Get These Sexy Anniversary Gifts and Spice Things up

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, it’s important to keep the energy and passion you had when you first started dating. By giving your partner one of these sexy anniversary gifts, you’ll show them that no matter how much time passes, you still want them as much as when you first met.

Do you have any other ideas for sexy anniversary gifts for him or her? Let us know in a comment below!

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