Alcohol Vs. Drug Rehab Centers

Rehab Centers

There are hundreds of substance abuse centers across the United States.  Many of them advertise themselves as simply rehab centers.  This sort of facility commonly treats both drug addiction problems and alcohol addiction problems.

It is hard to know when to choose a facility that treats only alcohol addiction or to choose a facility that treats both alcoholism and drug dependencies. In most instances, both kinds of facilities are excellent for treating alcoholism.

When people know they are suffering from alcohol addiction, it makes sense for them to choose alcohol rehab centers.  The treatment of alcohol addiction is different from the treatment of drug addiction, even though a center may offer both types of treatments. It depends on the particular center.  A center that treats both types of dependency can do a terrific job on both kinds of addiction.


One of the problems with treating alcohol dependency versus drug dependency is the withdrawal process.  The alcohol withdrawal process comes with a different set of problems than a drug detox.  One of the problems with alcohol withdrawal is a symptom called delirium tremens.  This is a symptom that is not encountered in regular drug withdrawal.

Delirium tremens is a significant event in the detox process.  It doesn’t happen to everyone, but when it does it requires medical intervention.  The person suffers from hallucinations.  He may also experience general confusion and convulsions.  These symptoms may be severe enough to result in death if the person is not closely monitored during detox.

A person might want to avail rehab for alcohol addiction rather than combination centers because the person might feel that the alcohol rehab centers might have more extensive experience with alcohol detox. It comes down to the actual center.  It is important to check out the center you are thinking about to see their reviews and their ratings.  

Some of the symptoms that are the same with drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal are chills, sweating, cramps, pain, irritability, and cravings.  Sometimes a patient in alcohol withdrawal will need medications to help him get through withdrawal.  The drugs used for alcohol withdrawal do not work the same way as the drugs used with substance abuse withdrawal.

Another point to consider when thinking about alcohol rehab centers is to consider the other patients.  Besides the staff and doctors and counselors, the person with alcohol addiction will be coming in daily contact with other patients.

Many people with alcohol addiction might find it very helpful to be around other people who are working to overcome the same addiction.  The patient may not feel the same affinity for people who are overcoming drug addictions.  They may feel like they can talk more freely with a person who understands how it feels to crave a drink.

When it comes down to it, alcohol and drug rehab centers can be equally as effective at ending addictions.  After researching the facilities, it comes down to a personal choice. 


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