7 Signs You May Need a Plumber

need a plumber

You may not like to think about it, but your plumbing has the potential to do some serious damage to your home.

Sure, the average homeowner knows their way around simple plumbing fixes. Plungers, hair traps, and drain cleaners are all in their repertoire.

But when things go south, repairs can go from DIY to disaster in seconds—and that’s without mentioning the subtle, undetected issues you aren’t catching.

Here are a few situations where you need a plumber, pronto.

1. Low Water Pressure

Maybe your toilet is taking a long time to flush nowadays, or maybe the water from your shower or sink doesn’t flow fast enough.

Whatever you’re noticing, low water pressure is a clear sign you need a plumber. This issue can happen due to a leak or clog somewhere in your plumbing, and it’s a good idea to take care of it right away. Luckily, this tends to be a simple issue that calls for quick repair.

2. Clogged Drain

While there are many DIY steps you can take to ease the clog from a slow drain, plungers and chemical cleaners don’t always do the trick. In these cases, a professional can come in with a plumbing snake to clear out the drain with relative ease.

3. Dripping Faucets

Household leaks waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water per year nationwide, according to the EPA. They’re also an added expense on your monthly water bill. A plumber can inspect the leakage, looking for signs of wear around your faucet’s o-ring or washers, to stop the constant dripping.

4. Cloudy Water

Anytime your home’s water isn’t running clear, it’s a sign of a problem—not to mention a potential health hazard. Expert plumbing services can help you decide whether it’s a maintenance issue, whether you need to replace corroding pipes in your home, or whether the debris is coming from elsewhere.

5. Frozen Pipes

Despite your best efforts to care for your pipes, you might find them frozen in the dead of winter. If you hear strange clanking noises or the water smells when you turn on your taps, it might be a sign of frozen pipes. Other, clearer signs include visible frost on your pipes or a lack of water flowing anywhere in your home.

6. Strange Smells

If you’ve recently noticed odd smells from your home’s water, it may be a sign of serious damage. Common causes include broken sewer pipes or drains beneath the home, as well as hot water heater issues. In the former case, it’s especially critical to have a plumber come diagnose your issue before your home can sustain any lasting damage.

7. Water Running Through Your Pipes at Odd Times

If you hear water gurgling through your pipes when no one’s using water, it’s a clear sign of a leak—and a big one. An expert can come identify the issue and fix it before the damage shows up on your water bill.

Know When You Need a Plumber

Being aware of situations where you need a plumber is half the battle. Calling an expert before subtle issues spiral out of control can keep you from costly headaches and long-term plumbing nightmares.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s a good idea to find a trusted plumber to keep on speed-dial. This can help keep you from scrambling to find an expert when things go south.

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