Insurance coverage in the United Arab Emirates

insurance companies in Dubai

Concepts from the area of ​​insurance protection for the United Arab Emirates are individually customized according to the situation. Insurance coverage and policies are quite different in the United Arab Emirates than in other countries.

The insurance coverage includes all measures to protect your finances against accidents. Covering the case of illness is certainly one of the largest issues in the area of ​​insurance protection. The insurance coverage can be hard for the layperson and requires explanations. However, only experts can provide information on insurance coverage, claims, conditions and policies. Every insurance solution offers protection on a broad spectrum, whether for a short time, several years or whole life.

The international insurance expert advises you personally, directly and comprehensively. It is better to opt for an expert with decades of experience in the field of expatriate care in the United Arab Emirates, enabling more benefits. International insurance by experts also allows you to claim systematically in any accident case. It acts as your representative and international insurance’s criterion is quite different than private insurance. The policies may vary depending on the purchased plan and length of stay abroad. This length can range from a few weeks to a lifelong period of validity.

Disability in the United Arab Emirates

Disability is a very serious problem, which is neglected too often. It is understood to mean the medically confirmed, permanent impairment of the profession by illness, accident or disability. The disability can have both physical and psychological background (burnout syndrome). You can protect yourself against disability in the event of disability insurance. 

Details on the New Compulsory Health Insurance in Dubai

Dubai’s government, specifically the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), has introduced compulsory health insurance for workers;employers are bound to pay it. The system is being followed.At the same time, further details about the health insurance obligation in Dubai have been published.

The maximum monthly contribution for the mandatory basic insurance is between 500 and 700 AED (approximately 150 to 190 dollars) and may not be increased by the insurers themselves. Unlike in other countries, the service is capped – no negotiations and plan extension. The maximum annual limit is 150,000 AED (around 50,000 dollars). It signifies that insurance companies in Dubai only reimburse treatments up to this annual maximum. So far, it has not yet been fully clarified who is responsible for the remaining costs. All clinics and hospitals connected to the DHA are part of the new insurance system.

Expulsion Threatens in the Event of a Long Illness

The DHA is currently developing a special fund from which expensivetreatments, such as cancer, are financed by the state. In the basic insurance, previous illnesses are covered with a maximum waiting period of six months. Anyone who falls into a coma or is in a comparable stage as a foreign worker can expect to be expelled to their home country.

The basic insurance security includes:

  • Outpatient treatments (GP visits),
  • Referrals to specialists,
  • Operations,
  • Various health tests,
  • Pregnancy and childbirth,
  • Emergencies.

Dental treatments or dermatologicaltreatment are not insured. Insured people are also not entitled to treatments in a single room. Basic health insurance may only be offered by companies that are authorized by the government. In order to be awarded the contract, the insurance companies must meet strict requirements – this includes a minimum company size and sufficient equity.

No Health Insurance Obligation in Dubai for Family Members

Basic insurance will not be mandatory for family members. Dubai’s government is currently negotiating with insurance companies to offer cheap family insurance. If this were to become mandatory, there would be fear that companies would only hire bachelors.

Proof of health insurance will be an immediate prerequisite for applying for or extending permanent residence permits (Visa, Emirates ID) in the future. The new insurance card will replace the previous health card. The response to the planned compulsory insurance in Dubai is very positive.

Information for Visitors

Visitors are usually not required to have a medical exam or medical certificate unless they have been in areas with cholera or yellow fever for the past 14 days. However, visitors should ensure that they are completely healthy before entering the UAE. Besides, the medical expenses for visitors can be very high. Some of the reasons foreigners should seek medical attention include respiratory problems, dehydration, heatstroke, sunburn and alcohol problems. Alcohol problems often arise from depression among foreigners who work in Dubai. Respiratory diseases are often triggered by sand and dust in the air and exacerbated by permanent construction sites in the country. The extreme heat causes heat strokes and sunburns in the country. Temperatures reach up to 50°C in summer. In emergencies, either call an ambulance or take a taxi to get to a hospital. It is advisable to know the location and contact details of the nearest hospital.

Crucial to ensure continuous access to high-quality health care and to avoid high medical fees. When choosing a suitable health insurance plan, foreigners living in the UAE should choose one.


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