Experience Disney World Orlando: Stay at Disney Animal Kingdom Villas

disney animal kingdom villas

Imagine drinking your morning coffee with a giraffe by your side. Imagine saying goodnight to the zebras, flamingos, and gazelles before shutting the curtains and calling it a night. Does this sound like something straight out of a Disney fairytale?

That’s because it is, and you now have the chance to experience it in real life! Disney animal kingdom villas allow you to get up close and personal with all of your favorite African wildlife. It’s an accommodation in Orlando like no other and worth making time for.

Are you still deciding between the Animal Kingdom villas and another Disney resort? Continue reading below to learn more about why staying at these villas might be the best option for you.

Sleep With the Wildlife

Okay, so you won’t actually pitch a tent in an open field and sleep with a zebra by your side, but Disney’s Animal Kingdom villas allow you to get pretty close to doing so! When staying at these villas, you’ll be able to look out your window or stand on your balcony and look straight out into the savanna.

Ditch the safari gear and hiking boots. Hang out with plenty of African wildlife while sipping your tea in your pajamas! If the room or villa you choose doesn’t have a savanna view, then you can always visit one of the savanna lookout locations around the resort as well.

No more need to wait in line to capture the perfect picture. Grab your camera and snap a quick photo from your resort!

Experience African Culture

Other than all of the amazing animals native to Africa, you’ll also get to explore other African cultural aspects as well. The entire resort and villas are built with African inspiration. It’s a great way to give you the feeling that you’re truly immersed in the culture.

Aside from all of the African architectural elements, there are many African art pieces around the resort as well. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself stopping to read about these different art sculptures and so on.

If you have any questions about the culture, then you can always grab a cultural representative located on the property ready to give tons of information about what you see and the culture itself.

Enjoy a Dining Experience Like No Other

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas is also home to several scrumptious dining options. Of course, you’ll find many African cuisine options, but you’ll have a few other options as well. Located around the resort you can also find Indian flair cuisine and American cuisine as well.

This will help give you a bit of a break from eating only one type of food. There are also quick-serve locations where you can order your food at a counter and take it with you rather than having to dine in.

A quick-serve location is a great option if the family is heading out to a theme park for the day or ready to splash in the pool and want something quick to eat!

Grab a Great Value With Your DVC Points

The Animal Kingdom Villas provide great value to those members of the DVC (Disney Vacation Club). In October of last year, the villas were selling at a price range of $100-$120 per point. This made the villas one of the most affordable DVC resorts for initial purchases.

Points per night range from 8 points to 14 points, depending on the type of villa you decide to book. It’s also two resorts in one. The resort has rooms for the hotel and then has the villas for the DVC.

This means you’ll have more options to choose from when booking here, and you might not have to book so far in advance to get what you want.

Receive an At-Home Feel

A great thing about staying in the villas is getting that at-home feel when you might be many miles away from it. When staying at one of the deluxe villas, you’ll have separate bedrooms for the entire family, a kitchen, and even a washer and dryer.

You can truly make it a home away from home. There’s no need to worry about the kids keeping you up late with the TV on or having to fight over what program to watch while in bed for the night. Everyone will have their own space.

You can also consider bringing your own food and drinks to make meals in your villa to save money. Then, enjoy your meals in your dining area or eat on the balcony or patio with wildlife!

Have Fun in the Sun

The last reason on our list to stay at the Animal Kingdom Villas is all the fun in the sun you can have. The pool at the resort is heated for cooler nights and has a water play area as well for the little ones.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can slide down one of the pool’s water slides and make a splash! At night, find a spot around the campfire to dry off.

Book Your Stay at the Disney Animal Kingdom Villas Today

After reading through this guide, there’s no doubt you’ll want to book your stay at the Disney Animal Kingdom Villas today! It’s an experience like no other that the entire family will enjoy. Grab your safari hat and your best camera, it’s time to check-in!

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