10 Unforgettably Cool Teen Birthday Party Ideas

teen birthday party ideas

Whether it’s to celebrate your teen’s 13th birthday or their sweet sixteenth, it’s important to party in style.

For a day they’ll never forget, you must get those creative juices flowing. If you’re stumped for teen birthday party ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our top 10 suggestions.

1. Scavenger Hunt Party

Those looking for party ideas for teen boys should consider a scavenger hunt party, especially if they’re Amazing Race fans.

Divide the party into two teams and give them different colored t-shirts. Then, hand out clue cards and route details when they reach each pit stop. Get an adult volunteer to watch over the team and hand out clue envelopes.

You can either drive kids from place to place, have the scavenger hunt in your backyard or in a park.

2. Bonfire Birthday Party

One of the best small birthday party ideas for teens is holding a bonfire birthday party. Decorate your backyard in fairy lights and lay down cushions, chairs, and sitting mats so everyone’s comfortable.

Create a buffet table filled with marshmallows, pizza, and drinks, so the teens stay refueled. Everyone can share stories or, if someone can play an instrument, they can be the entertainment for the evening.

If you don’t want a bonfire, host a backyard movie party where everyone is given a fake movie ticket to enter. Buy an inflatable movie screen, link it to a sound system, and throw on your teen’s favorite movie.

Hand out individual packets of popcorn and set up a concession-stand buffet where they can create their own snack trays with nachos, candy, sodas, and hot dogs.

3. Social Media Party

Since 2019, 84% of 13 to 18 year-olds have smartphones.

When you’re brainstorming fun birthday party ideas for teens, consider where their interests lie like their favorite social media platforms. You can rent out a photo booth and have a box filled with props so the teens can snap photos of the party.

Also, create a private hashtag on Instagram where party-goers can post their pictures and save the most memorable moments.

4. A Hawaiin Luau

Escape to Hawaii for the afternoon by throwing your own Luau. Stock up on real flower necklaces, streamers, grass skirts, and dot surfboards around the garden.

Ask teens to wear beach clothes and hand out leis as everyone arrives. Grill fish and prepare fruit salad so the little ones can refuel. And don’t forget tropical-flavored drinks!

5. Emoji Party

One of the best teen girl birthday party ideas is to host an emoji-themed night. Decorate your living room’s wall with printed emojis or ask teens to create their own from yellow paper plates and coloring pens. Serve mini pizzas where everyone can create emoji faces from their favorite toppings.

6. Karaoke Night

Still stumped for party ideas?

Throw a karaoke birthday party, perfect for teens who are keen music lovers. Set up a karaoke machine, a selection of fun songs, and disco lights, so your teens have a blast.

Create a stage by throwing down a floor rug and add a silver curtain in front of the door for the stage curtain. Serve fresh beverages and finger food so everyone can dance the afternoon away.

7. Arcade Party

Fantastic for parents and teens have a blast by throwing an arcade party.

Once you’ve booked a slot, hand out tokens to your guests, so every kid has enough for a decent number of games. You don’t want anyone to feel left out, especially if their family doesn’t have extra money for arcade games.

Do the gifts and food at the beginning of the party as it’s easier than rounding up guests when you’re ready to hand out gifts.

8. Pool Party

Whether it’s at your pool or at a club, pool parties are a fantastic way to celebrate your teen’s birthday while cooling off.

Lay out towels and sunscreen, so everyone’s safe in the sun. You should also offer watermelon, fruit skewers, and sandwiches before serving the birthday cake.

9. Glow-In-The-Dark Birthday Party

Throw a glow-in-the-dark dance party where everyone has glow sticks and is covered in luminous face paint. Create a club atmosphere by adding strobe lights and a fog machine so everyone can dance to their favorite tunes.

Get creative by offering black-light reflective foods like rice, neon sugar cookies, and neon popcorn with food coloring spray. If you’re hosting an afternoon party, install black-out curtains to cover the windows, so the sticks are effective.

Keep the glow sticks in direct sunlight before the party, so they charge, and once they’re cracked, they should last the duration of the party.

10. Spa Birthday Party

Everyone needs a little R&R, even teens.

Provide spa essentials like face towels, scented candles, and smooth lights. Offer cucumber cut-outs for eye masks, create homemade face masks, and arrange for everyone to have mani-pedis.

You can provide fresh fruit, marshmallows, and cupcakes for a fun birthday party.

In the evening, if anyone’s sleeping over, host a slumber party where everyone can play games, read magazines, and catch up on daily activities.

Those Are Our Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Use your child’s interests and hobbies for inspiration then deliver an unforgettable afternoon with these teen birthday party ideas. Head to the arcade, throw a pool party, or emulate a club experience with a glow-in-the-dark party.

Whichever you choose, make sure the teens have plenty of food and drink options, so they’re comfortable throughout. Have fun!

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