Can Hard Water Cause Hair And Skin Damage?

Hard Water Cause Hair and Skin Damage

The question ‘Can Hard water cause Hair and Skin Damage’ has been resonating for so long, so let’s address hard water first.

What is hard water? Hard water comprises calcium and magnesium minerals with a slight amount of iron as well. Due to these excessive minerals, the scale builds up in bathtubs, washbasins and around shower curtains.

If you have seen those chalky deposits then you might have to think about your hair and skin…. Because you are a victim of this hard water, you gotta think about it and take a step forward to soften your water.

If these mineral deposits are on your faucets and your laundered fabrics are now getting damaged. Then just imagine what this hard water could do to your skin and hai. I am just getting devasted by just thinking of it, completely unbearable.

So before talking about a whole lot of stuff, Ask yourselves the following questions.

Let’s get into it!

  • Do your skin gets itchy frequently?
  • Are you suffering from hair loss?
  • After washing your hands with soaps, do a form a scummy layer appears on your hands? 
  • Thining and breakage of your hair?

If your answer to these questions is yes! Then I doubt your place has an occurrence of hard water elements. Don’t panic my fellas! You are never too late to get over the hard water issues, now taking you to the conditions which can worsen your hair and skin.

Hard water carries a high amount of minerals which could have pessimistic effects on your hair and skin. No one would compromise on hairs and skin, I know because no one wants to have an unpleasant look.

Do You Know!

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium salts which principally exist as bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates.

How Hard water affects your Hair?

The minerals present in hard water make hair limp while shampooing, the thorough rinse of hair is hard to achieve. Hard water lefts the soap residual behind and even after every wash the condition remains the same.

Washing hair, again and again, doesn’t fix your hair problem. If you are wondering there is some kinda issue with your shampoo or conditioner product then you are wrong.

If you have hard water issues at your home then you might need a water softener to get rid of hard water.

Back then I have been suffering from hard water dilemma when I encountered following hair issues since then I stick to water softeners,

  • My hair began to thin
  • You won’t believe that my hair became less pliable and eventually, breakage started
  • Hair loss
  • Residual shampoo dwelled in my hair
  • My color-treated hair faded quickly which lead to frequent color procedures and treatments- further damage to hair 

So all the above-mentioned stuff happens to you then without any delay, fix hard water with water softeners.

How Hard Water affects your skin?

So how hard water affects your skin, you might have some dry patches on your face and it seems cringy and awkward. Isn’t it due to hard water? 

It would be a yes probably, what hard water do with your hair, more likely it happens to your skin as well.

As you know that hard water hurdles the rinsing, soap settles as a residue on the surface of your skin, taking suppleness away.

Your skin becomes potentially irritated and it could also mess with the ph levels of your skin causing breakouts.

To keep your skin bright and glowing hard water should get banned right away. What say? Let’s glow the same and eradicate hard water from your home.

Must Check this out! A list of water softeners could help you!

Final Thoughts

Just coming out of hair and skin cubicle, roam around your house and run across the white mineral deposits in your bathrooms, bathtubs, kitchenware, glassware and even it creates a knocking sound in your hot water appliances.

Hard water is making life a bit tough and guys it can really take your energy bills high. The story doesn’t end here, due to hard water your soaps and detergents are squandered. It is neither energy-efficient nor cost-efficient, so you better switch to a beneficial single investment on water softeners.

The prevailing conditions demand water softener, it’s not extravagant equipment for your house.

I hope you enjoyed reading, stay with us as more informative writings are on their way to assist you in every possible situation.

Whether you have to make a good choice of water softener or to get any kinda information regarding it. Check us back and hear exciting stuff from us!

Enjoy reading!


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