7 Bathroom Essentials Perfect for Every Home

bathroom essentials

Almost 100% of the American population (about 327 million people) have a place to call home. While those homes are vastly different in size and style, they almost all have one thing in common…

They have a bathroom!

Yes, bathrooms are the rooms in most houses where we hide away to do the dirty work associated with making us look and feel our best. Just because bathrooms are private though doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make yours shine!

One of the best ways to punch up your bathroom is to invest in killer bathroom essentials that have form and/or function applications. Not sure where to start when it comes to investing in bathroom essentials? No problem!

In this post, our team shares a handful of suggestions you can implement into your space to bring out its best.

1. Creative Floor Mats

A bathroom without floor mats is a bathroom that’s going to get very wet and one that’s prone to creating slip and fall accidents. Neither of those things are good (especially the latter if you prefer to stay out of a courtroom or hospital).

While most people will head out to a generic department store and pick up a white floor mat for their bathroom, we’re asking you to challenge yourself to pick up a mat that does more.

Your floor mat should have a color that either matches your bathroom motif or tastefully contrasts it. You might also invest in a mat that shares a written message that’s important to you.

Anything you can do to make your mats stand out as you stand on them will go a long way for your decor!

2. A Full Body Mirror

There’s probably no room in your house that you look at yourself more in than the bathroom. Why not make that experience as fun and/or informative as possible.

In addition to your bathroom’s typical over-the-sink mirror, if you have space, throw a full-body mirror into the mix. Not only will a full-body mirror give you additional perspective on your look but these mirrors in the right place will also make your bathroom look a lot bigger!

3. Reading Materials

We’ve all been caught up in the bathroom for one reason or another. While most people choose to kill that time by scrolling through their social feeds, we prefer to take a more traditional approach and dive into a good, physical piece of reading material.

Reading materials in your bathroom should be fun, visual, and should be able to leave an impression on guests. Not only do the right materials create conditions where you’ll be entertained during toilet holding patters but they also add fun pops of decor and personalization to your space.

4. Interesting Wall Colors

News flash: No law says your bathroom needs to have white walls! Despite that, just about every bathroom we step into is painstakingly white and incredibly boring.

Ditch that trend and add a pop of color to your bathroom walls by painting them a whole new color or by adding in an accent wall. For accent walls, we love hues of blue or anything in the color spectrum of a sunset.

Want to get really crazy? Consider throwing an accent ceiling in your bathroom which is a trend that’s gradually picking up steam.

5. A Punchy Shower Curtain

If you’re showering without a curtain around your tub, you must love mopping up water! We’re willing to bet that the majority of you, in fact, don’t love mopping and consequently, do have some sort of curtain on your tub.

What is that curtain doing for your bathroom’s look and feel though? Probably nothing.

Ditch the frosted, plain, boring curtain you have and pick up something that makes your bathroom feel more thoughtful. A simple way to do that is to go with a colored curtain that matches or tastefully contrasts your bathroom’s motif.

You might also consider a patterned curtain.

6. A Non-Slip Shower Mat

Have you ever slipped in your bathtub? If you have, you know first-hand that it’s not fun. As a matter of fact, people get hurt every year falling while showering and some of those falls are fatal.

Avoiding slipping in your tub is as easy as picking up a non-slip shower mat and getting it installed. Most mats are cheap and can be bought just about anywhere so make an investment in your safety today by scooping one up.

7. Candles

We see more people investing in awesome gadgets like bidets, shower stereo systems, and other fun tech to punch up their bathrooms every year. All of that stuff is great but what a lot of bathroom decorators forget are the simple bathroom essentials… Things like candles.

Candles can create feelings of wonderful relaxation in your bathroom that can turn your “business area” into an area where you go to wind down. That paradigm shift is a powerful one in today’s stress-filled age of living!

Pick up a handful of candles that boast aromas you love and see the difference for yourself.

Our Bathroom Essentials Suggestions Can Revolutionize Your Space

We’ve hit you with seven bathroom essentials that we believe have the power to revolutionize your space. If you invest in one of two of the things we’ve mentioned, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Remember, your bathroom is a space that you’re going to spend a lot of time in throughout your life. It’s worth adding some sheen to!

For more advice on all things important to your lifestyle, check out additional content we have available on our blog.


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