The BEST Trees To Plant In Your Garden

plant in garden

A great way to add a bit of vertical integration to your garden is with trees. Trees are a natural and easy feature to include that come with all kinds of benefits. From shady spots and privacy to fruit that you can eat while enjoying that shade and privacy. You’ll also want to make sure that the trees you select are well suited to your environment, to achieve this it’s usually good to consult a professional landscaper. Perth in Western Australia is where this author is located so if you’re garden is also in a warm coastal area there are some extra tidbits here for you; Now, let’s look at some different types of trees to enhance your garden.

  • Space Savers – If you’ve got a small garden it might seem challenging at first to find the space for trees. The good news is there are lots of options for tall thin trees that will at a vertical esthetic to the garden without taking up too much space in your garden bed. 
  • The ‘Sky Pencil’ is an evergreen tree that can reach around 2 meters tall. A whole row of them are sometimes used as a privacy fence due to it’s evergreen nature.
  • Ballerina Apple Trees are a great vertical fruit tree. Their tall slender nature is evident from their name and the apples they grow can be quite large and flavourful.
  • Drought Tolerant and Urban Environments – If you live in an area that is subject to droughts or you want a tree that doesn’t require as much watering there some great options. These trees also do well in urban areas where concrete can mean less water absorption in the soil.
  • Catalpa Nana is a smaller version of the Catalpa, this big green bush on a stick provides great shade and its leaves are lovely during the autumn months.
  • Japanese Maples are an adaptive tree that works in a variety of different environments. The beautiful colours on these trees make them a lovely addition to any garden.
  • Shade Providers – If you’re doing some backyard landscaping and you’re looking for a big tree centerpeice tree to proved a nice shady spot you’ve got lots of great options.
  • Golden Elm Trees are a wonderful addition to any backyard garden. These large and sturdy trees are perfect for creating a shady spot for the whole family to enjoy
  •  Weeping Willows are a classic large garden tree that not only provides shade but also creates a certain aesthetic quality. Make sure you plant it far away from any pipes or septic systems however as the Willow’s roots have a reputation for finding their way into even the most well-layed pipes.

There you have it, some of the very best trees to plant in your garden. If you’ve got an questions or need some help figuring out what ones are best for your space that’s ok. Remember, you can always reach out a professional landscaper for some assistance, that may even be able to get you a deal on the trees your looking for.


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