Are Sugar Daddies Exclusively For Heterosexual Women?


Everyone has heard of young women getting financial assistance from their sugar daddies

 in exchange for companionship or for sex. However, this is something that seems less heard of from the gay community, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there just as much, it mostly means that the relationships that most thing of in terms of sugar daddies are like the ones they have seen on television and in film where the relationship is usually quite sexual and very much cishet. This does not mean that they are exclusive to straight women or even just to women. In some cases, it’s a reversal of roles that takes place with a sugar momma and her sugar baby. The sex and orientation of both parties seems to often be assumed to be a straight male to female situation when it’s definitely not always the case. In the gay community as well as in any branch of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, there are situation with a sugar person and a sugar baby. It’s simply just not as out there for all to see as the classically depicted relationships of entertainment. 

So in gay romance and dating, how to sweet talk a sugar daddy is probably going to be very similar to the ways things work with a straight sugar daddy and their female sugar baby. Of course, this will change from one person to the next, but the basics of it all are pretty much the same. There is a lot of flirting involved, like a lot of lot, it’s not the type of relationship where flirting gets replaced by stability or by something else, here flirting should be present pretty much at all times, which really should be a lesson for all romantic relationships and dating situations. Flirting keeps things fun and helps reconnect times, in the case of sugar daddies, it can really help them part with their money to assist with bills or get their sugar baby more gifts. This may sound like something that is a bit unfair, but it is the nature of the relationship. Sugar daddies love to be showered with attention in exchange for their money and this includes flirting, sweet talking, letting them know how important they are to their baby (and possibly in their careers), how impressive their achievements are, how they are someone who could sweep anyone off their feet, etc. A sugar daddy loves hearing about their good deeds and their personal greatness. Of course, this should be done in the best way for each specific daddy as there are men out there who prefer to never talk about work and others who only talk about their work, so the conversation should be tailored to their preferences much more than to the preferences of the sugar baby.

If the relationship is for companionship only, it may all come down to this flirting and sweet talking to get them happy and happy to part with their money. Others will just want to hear about their baby’s day and life, living vicariously through them. This is something that is great when it comes to making it easy on the sugar baby. In some cases, and where it’s legal (more on that below), the relationship can include sex, be based on sex, or completely be all about the sex. These cases are to be had where it is legal to exchange sex for money of course. Also, they are relationships where boundaries need to be established even more than with their non-sexual counterparts. Each relationship in the sugar daddy world is different, so things should be agreed to earlier on and with each party’s needs and limitations considered. Establishing this relationship is just as important with a gay sugar daddy relationship, especially if one of the parties is not out or not fully out yet. There are limitations and boundaries here that will be different depending on the daddy, the baby, and the location as being gay and out is still dangerous in parts of the world and can still lead to employment loss in far too many places in the world at the moment.

Of course, the legality of sugar daddies is something that one should look into when they decide to go looking for one and this applies to gay or straight sugar daddies as neither party would want to be doing something illegal, putting themselves and their person at risk for arrest. Making this is legal is something that can be a bit hard to research, but with patience and a bit of internet sleuthing, finding out if the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is legal in any specific area should be simple enough even if time consuming. Finding out is really important though, so it’s the kind of time that should be spent before getting involved on either side of the relationship. It should be noted that a relationship where the person pays for companionship or helps out with gifts like paying for bills is usually one that is not entirely illegal almost anywhere, but it should still be looked into. Once sex comes into play, it is very important to fully research the situation for where the relationships would take place in majority.

Basically, a sugar daddy relationship in the gay world is very similar to those in the straight world, but it can sometimes have more limitations due to safety concerns of the location or country where it takes place. A sugar daddy to sugar baby relationship implies money and/or gifts exchanging hands regularly and they do not all include sexual aspects, something many have considered to be the absolute of these relationships. These relationships can be greatly beneficial for all involved when they are done with great communication and respect for each other. The most seen sugar situations or relationships seem to be of the man to women variety, but that is only because that’s the kind most would notice due to media presence and representation. A good sugar relationship can happen between any two people as long as they have agreed to it, know what they are getting into, and what they are doing is legal in their area.


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