18 Modern Bedroom Wall Decor Design Ideas

bedroom wall decor

Looking for some great ideas for bedroom wall décor? When redesigning rooms, wall décor is the last item on the list. But wall décor shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to interior design.

Your bedroom wall décor is important:

  • It expresses your personality
  • It adds color to your room
  • It helps communicate your style preferences
  • It does a whole lot more

In this post, you’ll discover 18 great bedroom wall décor ideas to punctuate your room with style the experts recommend.

1. Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis with Wallpaper

When you think of wall décor, the first thing that comes to your mind isn’t wallpaper. But wallpaper provides beautiful design choices for your room.

An accent wall is a perfect way to use wallpaper. Are you commitment-phobic? Consider removable wallpaper.

2. Display an Accent Wall With a Gallery of Art

Another great idea for bedroom wallpaper: an accent wall with a gallery of prints or photographs. Put them behind your bed or on another wall.

Do you love a black and white theme? Create a collage of black and white photographs. Put up family photos or your own creations. Need another element to bring in your color scheme? Make the frames all a color from your color palette.

3. Art From Your Travels Makes Splendid Bedroom Wall Décor

Have you visited beautiful destinations around the world? Why not hang your travel collections on your wall!

You can hang artwork on hooks. Or place some of your souvenirs on floating shelves to bring the taste of travel home.

4. Your Hobbies Make Nice Wall Décor, Too

Another great idea for wall décor in your bedroom: your favorite hobbies. Do you love gardening? Mount some gardening tools on a bedroom wall.

Do you love sports? Put athletic knickknacks like a jersey, football, basketball or, tennis décor on shelves or hooks.

5. Wall Décor That Helps You Sleep

Peaceful images make us relax. And many kinds of artwork create a tranquil ambiance.

A glowing sunset warms you. A beach scene makes the environment peaceful. Can imagine the crashing waves as they put you to sleep? Do you love birds? Bird art might be just what you need to ensure a calm evening.

6. Create a Floral Wall

Flowers are so refreshing! Create a fresh feeling with flowers for your wall décor. Put up pictures with floral frames and hang prints of your favorite flowers.

Love daisies? Punctuate then around the room. If lavender is more your cup of tea, you can decorate the walls with images of lavender.

7. Photos of Your Family

We all love to be reminded of the people we care about. We love seeing photos of our kiddos doing cute and funny things. Or the grandparents who have passed away.

Remember the good times and the people who mean the most. It will create a warm vibe that makes you feel happy.

8. Decorate the Wall With Your Favorite Furry Friends

A wall selected for our furry friends gives us a warm and happy feeling in our hearts. Put up pictures or paintings on the wall of our favorite feline.

More of a dog lover? Photos of your dogs at different stages of their lives make great conversation pieces when friends and family come into your bedroom.

9. Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos symbolize your shared love for your significant other. Choose a special wall to display them.

Consider hanging a display light on a photo to cast a light on your favorites. Hang photos of special moments such as when you said, “I do.” Photos of both of you on the dance floor. Or that precious cake moment.

10. Make a Mirrored Accent Wall

Mirrors make our spaces appear larger. Even when they’re small. They attract natural sunlight that brightens the room. Check out the mirror collection from Zuo Modern.

Decorating a wall with mirrors is a great wall décor idea. You’ll never have a problem finding a mirror when you need one.

11. Your Favorite Artists

Do you have favorite artists or photographers you can’t get enough of? Then create a wall showcasing your favorite creators.

Love Monet and Renoir? Then hang them up. Or if you’re a photography buff and love Ansel Adams or Annie Liebowitz, they’ll look stunning on your wall.

12. Your Favorite Musicians

We all favor particular kinds of music. It could be rock, rap, classical or other genres.

Consider hanging photos of your favorite musicians on your bedroom wall. Do you own a signed photograph? Attended a concert? That must be displayed on your wall.

13. Make It Modern with Metal

Metal offers a cool way to modernize your space. It’s out with the old, in with the new as they say.

Hang a prominent metal sculpture above your bed. Then soften it up with contemporary textiles.

14. Put Up a Mural

Murals look beautiful. And theyr’e available in many styles.

Prefer an English garden? An Italian renaiisance scene? Whatever your style is, you’ll likely find a mural to match. Or commission someone to paint one.

15.Hang Tapestries

Tapestries add warmth and color. They also add texture. Choose a vibrant color. It will bring drama to your bedroom.

16. Kid-Friendly Décor

Create a special room for your kiddos. You can mount stuff animals on the wall. One of the favorites: giraffes. Put a giant giraffe against the wall to watch over your little ones.

17. Built-In Bookcases

A built-in bookcase makes the perfect setting for your figurines and décor. You won’t need to hang them up. Just put your décor on a shelf like an elegant candle. When you need a book, just grab it off the shelf.

18. Hang a Large Mirror Above the Bed

Instead of a wall of mirrors, considering just hanging one over the bed. It will pick up light and look elegant. Consider putting a curtain up to the top of the ceiling to make the mirror pop.

Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas Revisited

Now you have 18 bedroom wall décor ideas. From hobbies to art to nature and more, these tips add pizzaz to a dull bedroom.

Looking for more home ideas to make your space look fabulous? Explore more expert tips on our blog.


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