5 Advantages of Structural Steel Frame Construction

Structural Steel Frame Construction

Steel frame construction is gaining in popularity. It has been used for many years in industrial building but domestic applications are a more recent development.

However, this is a good thing! When you choose a reputable firm to supply your construction beams and create a steel framed house you’ll quickly realize there are 5 key advantages of this style of building:

  • Strength & Durability

Despite being approximately 50% of the weight of an equivalent wood beam, steel is much stronger than wood and other building materials. In fact, estimates suggest that a steel framed building could be as much as 30% stronger than a similar wooden one. 

This strength is important in allowing you o create a myriad of designs, almost anything is possible. 

Alongside this, steel is surprisingly durable. It can outlast traditional wood buildings and, providing it is properly treated, it won’t rust and will need very little maintenance. This will help with the resale value.

  • Safety

Steel is fire resistant. While the materials pinned to the steel could burn or melt, it is highly unlikely that any fire would be hot enough to turn the metal molten. Of course, if it was that hot you wouldn’t be able to get near the home

Metal frame work will protect your hone from bush fires and can stop any fire spreading inside your home, reducing the potential damage. Of course, it will also increase your chances of being able to escape safely.

  • Pest resistant

Termites and other wood-boring pests are a big problem, causing millions of dollars of damage every year. If they create a colony in your home they can eat as much as 1ft of 2×4 timber in under 6 months. That has the potential to give your home serious structural issues!

But, steel doesn’t have this issue. Termites can’t bore into it, even rodents can’t damage it. It’s pest resistant, making it the perfect choice for a house as it will last for much longer. 

  • Weather Resistant

Steel framed houses are weather resistant. This isn’t just about wind and rain. A steel framed house can withstand the force of a hurricane, traditional wood framed houses can’t. 

The steel itself is coated to protect it from the elements, meaning that the water won’t affect it. In short, a steel framed house is likely to keep you warm and dry, while still standing strong, regardless of the weather.

  • Quality

One of the biggest issues with building any home is that you are reliant on the workers to operate to the same standard every time. It can be difficult to ensure everything has been done properly.

However, metal beams are made in the factory, using state-of-the-art forging methods, and shipped to the site. This cuts down on delivery time and time on site. But, more importantly, it ensures the quality of every piece of your frame is the same. That means you can build with confidence, knowing that the finished product will meet all necessary standards


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