5 Serious Reasons to Start Using the “Laundro”/Laundry Mat

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Clean clothes are a basic human need. The way that we clean and maintain our clothes reveals our way of life to others and wearing clean clothes can boost our self-esteem, confidence, and even serotonin levels.

You probably have a washer and dryer at home, but did you know that your at-home laundry routine may be doing more harm than good? From cutting out huge chunks of time throughout the day to being harmful to the environment, there are many reasons why someone would want to start using their local laundry mat.

Getting clothes cleaned at the laundry mat might seem like a dying art, but you’re honestly missing out on a huge “load” of benefits by passing it by. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 5 serious reasons to ditch your idea of laundry day and show your local laundry mat some love.

1. It’s Affordable

Doing your laundry at home? Yeah, it’s not free.

Forget about the huge cost of a new washer and dryer (and the maintenance and repair fees when they inevitably break). Instead, let’s focus on the more subtle way that our machines drain our wallets.

Every time you run a load in your washer, you’re using up electricity and water. Your dryer also demands a large quantity of electricity to do its job, too. Since you’re paying a water and electricity bill each month, laundry day isn’t exactly that helpful for those trying to maintain a budget.

In the habit of washing your loads on the hot water setting? About 90 percent of the energy needed for that load will be depleted during the heating process alone!

“But I wash my clothes on cold, so my washer doesn’t use that much electricity!” Unfortunately, even when clothes are washed with cold water, the energy that is demanded from the washer’s motor (the part that moves and spins the drum) is still incredibly high.

Although you’re going to be paying by the load at the laundry mat, you’re going to be saving money in the end. Plus, since most machines at laundry mats are more efficient, you’ll be doing the planet a favor as well.

2. It Saves You Time

If doing your entire family’s laundry takes you hours upon hours to finish, you’re not alone. Americans spend around 8 hours every week slaving over load after load, but most of them don’t know that using the laundry mat could cut this time in more than half.

At home, you’re limited to a single washer and dryer. At the laundry mat, there are rows upon rows of industrial machines that double or even triple the load size of your home units. What does this mean? You can wash everything all at once.

Laundry mats make switching out loads and setting timers a thing of the past. You’re no longer a slave to your machine’s cycle; you can start everything at once and have it all done at the same time. More time, more flexibility, more fun doing other things.

3. It Cleans Your Clothes Better

You’ll never get a load of cleaner, fresher, softer clothes anywhere else but at the laundry mat.

Since the industrial machines at the laundry mat are manufactured for commercial use, they’re beasts. They’re faster, stronger, and are better at removing dirt, stains, and odor from our dirty laundry. Our at-home machines are no match up against the powerful spinning and agitation of the laundry mat domes!

Not to mention, machines at the laundry mat are also regularly inspected and given maintenance, so you can be sure you’re getting the best, cleanest service.

4. It’s Less Physically Demanding

Laundry is heavy. The bulkiest loads of laundry can weigh more than a child!

If your laundry day consists of multiple loads, you’re bending down and picking up quite a lot. From carrying heavy hampers to hauling wet clothes from washer to dryer, doing laundry at home actually demands a lot from us physically! Plus, the strain on your lower back, spine, and shoulders can cause serious health issues.

Say goodbye to sweat-inducing, backbreaking loads when you start visiting your local laundry mat. With multiple, wide-mouthed washers, laundry mats minimize the number of times you’ll need to fill the machine. The easy-access designs also make it so that you won’t have to bend over into the barrel to move your clothes to the dryer.

Fewer loads mean less lifting, shoving, and working out those arm muscles. By using the laundry mat, you can save working out for the gym.

5. There’s Delivery

Let’s face it: laundry mats have always been about convenience. Even so, it’s never been more convenient than now to have your clothes cleaned at the laundry mat.

Yes, there are laundry mats that offer pickup and delivery services (feel free to applaud). So, if you’re schedule’s too busy or you simply don’t want to have to wait around for your clothes to finish, you can use these services to make life that much easier!

Find a laundromat drop off service near me to make laundry day a breeze. Even if you’re in a rush and need same-day delivery, a high-quality laundromat can make it happen.

When choosing a laundry mat delivery service, always make sure to read the reviews first. By doing so, you’ll get a good gage at what kind of service you’ll be getting!

Show Your Local Laundry Mat Some Love

Having well-cared for clothes actually has a bigger impact on the quality of our lives than we might believe. From cutting your laundry time in half to being more convenient, you now know the main reasons why you should start using your local laundry mat.

Save time, money, and the environment by showing a laundry mat near you some love! You never know— going to the laundry mat might just become a new favorite part of your routine!

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