Why Bamboo Makes for Better Performance Attire


Workout clothes are made from an array of materials—lycra, spandex, cotton….the list goes on. But did you know that athletic clothes can also be made from bamboo!

Yup, you read that right! There are workout clothes that are made from bamboo grass—a revolutionary way to make workout clothes comfortable, sustainable, and form-fitting!

We have entered a decade that demands every choice a consumer makes is a sustainable one, so providing them with options like men’s bamboo pants will make their shopping decisions that much easier!

Still skeptical that bamboo fabric actually leads to providing better performance attire? Here are all of the reasons why you should consider swapping bamboo workout clothes.

  1.       The obvious—sustainability

We have already stated this one, but it is too important to simply gloss over. The fact that your workout clothes can not only enhance your athletic performance but equally save the world is pretty incredible! Back in the day, the fabric had to be handmade, but manufacturing technology has allowed for the production of bamboo fibers to be very efficient and eco-friendly. 

  1.       It is odor-free and sweat absorbent

When you are working out hard, chances are you are going to be sweating—a lot! Bamboo fabric is extremely sweat-absorbent and actually helps you stay dry. In addition, the fibers keep you smelling fresh. This leads to better performance attire because no one likes smelly workout clothes that leave people staring at you for the wrong reasons!

  1.       You will be cozy and warm

The magic of bamboo fiber is that it is crazy good at keeping you well insulated. This means that when you wear the workout clothes in the summer, you will continually feel nice and cool. And when you wear them in the winter, you will have that extra level of coziness and warmth. This means that your workout clothes will be able to be worn all year round, giving you more value for your investment!

  1.       It is hypoallergenic and UV resistant

Two double whammies! Bamboo fabric comes with a natural UV protectant, meaning that when you wear the workout clothes on your run outside, you will be protected against those sun rays that can lead to skin cancer. In addition, the fiber is completely natural, meaning that it is very unlikely any allergic reactions will be caused when the clothing is worn. All the more reason to wear bamboo athletic wear all the time!

  1.       There are no chemicals in the bamboo fiber

The reason that we love bamboo fiber so much is that it is natural. This means that it is naturally soft without any chemical enhancements. This also means that the fabric will be kinder to your skin and less likely to hold on to bacteria.

  1.       The fabric is very breathable

One of the worst things that can happen when you are working out is the awful feeling that all of the heat and sweat you have worked up is trapped in your clothing. This can lead to feeling overheated and fatigued. Bamboo fabric is extremely breathable, meaning that the chances of feeling overheated in your workout clothes are very unlikely. This is great because you an instead focus on working out hard without feeling distracted from discomfort.

These are just the beginning as to why bamboo performance attire is an absolute must! From protecting your skin and body against gross bacteria and overheating to being one of the most comfortable fabrics on the planet, you will want to live in your bamboo performance attire all day long! And we won’t judge you for it, because by investing in bamboo performance attire, you are also doing your part in saving the planet! 


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