Why Takeout Food Companies Are Here To Stay


This lockdown and a global pandemic have minimized the frequent outdoor trips, all over the world. With a swift action by restaurants and food delivery services, the food delivery system became concerned about hygiene and health. The restrictions on eateries and supermarkets were more than ever, between March and May. 

Amidst this, people who were craving delicacies, found it easier to takeout their food and have it at the comfort and safety of their homes. Google keywords show that the total searches for ‘delivery’, ‘takeout’, ‘takeaway’, and ‘food delivery’ increased by almost 300 percent in this period. This trend shows that takeout food companies have gained a better position in the market now, and they are here to stay.

A global phenomenon

Trends may come and go, but a global phenomenon is least expected to fade away. Based on the search data by Google Keyword Planner, words like ‘delivery’, ‘takeout’, ‘takeaway’, and ‘food delivery’ were searched for about 26.6 million times. Out of this, the USA accounts for 10.5 million, approximately 39% of the searches alone. 

The following infographic from Betway depicts this info: 

Dividing this data as total searches per capita, Belgium topped the list with one search every ten people. From Australia to India, this list reflects the love for takeaway food and proves that the companies sure have a long term to serve. 

Increase in orders

The increase in takeout services has also given rise to the concept of ghost restaurants. They do not have a brick and mortar structure for seating, but only offer deliveries. Even such a business model is getting a huge demand all over the world.

The searches on Caviar, operating in 11 states, increased by 50%. Available in 6000 cities across 45 countries, Uber Eats also recorded a humongous boost of 22.2%. Such an increase in business is benefitting the companies, helping them launch more discounts and offers for the customers. This is strengthening the business further. 

Party essentials

Even though outdoor partying has seen a significant decrease in this period, there is a wave of marriages, birthdays, and anniversaries happening in private spaces. These events solicit minimum people, but great fun with the family. 

To avoid the extra addition of cooks and caterers, most parties order takeout food in bulk quantity. With contactless delivery and temperature checking of all restaurant staff and delivery agents, the safety is completely ensured. 

A slice of the old life

A business model sustains itself not only with the best market policies but also by having an emotional edge to it. Restaurant takeaway food has an emotional quotient associated with it, at present. It reminds the people of the life they had before a global pandemic brought things at a halt. 

This nostalgic feeling results in great business and satisfaction of both the provider and the consumer, in the food industry. The people have also understood the convenience associated with takeaway food and will find it difficult to part with it, even when normalcy has returned to us.


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