How To Find The Right Bathroom Remodeling Contractor


The bathroom is a part of the house that takes one for the team. We use it daily, and this constant use causes the porcelain to wear out and the tiles to fade.

Whether we admit it or not, the bathroom is the ultimate place for unwinding. A relaxing bath after a stressful day or an energetic shower in the morning are both basic comforts.

Using a shabby, worn-out bathroom can be extremely depressing. Bathroom remodeling, whether out of choice or necessity, is something you can not take lightly.

Choosing a good bathroom remodeling contractor is crucial if you want to get the best quality service for the right value. Here’s how to choose the right bathroom remodeling contractor for your remodel.

Value for Price

Most of us don’t have the luxury to spend thousands of dollars on remodeling our bathroom, but how can we get the best service for the right price?

Chances are you can’t get the best service at the lowest price. With any kind house remodeling contractors, the price you pay shows the quality you will get for it.

The contractors offering the lowest prices usually do not put enough effort on their work. A poorly remodeled bathroom will require more work later, causing you to spend even more money. Specialists at Venaso state that there’s no need to leave your pockets completely empty, but it is convenient to know how much a high-quality job would cost. 

As such, it is crucial to hire the best quality service instead of looking to save money. If you are looking for quality bathroom remodelers in Denver, check out Bathroom Remodel Denver.

Do Some Research Before Setting a Budget

Research is needed in order to get an estimation of how much money you will need to spend. If you check out a few remodeling contractor websites, you will get an idea about how much money it takes on average.

Prices will vary depending on many factors. Check out this bathroom remodeling price generator to understand the current pricing.

Some contractors insist on buying the supplies they need on their own. If you want to buy your own supplies, check with the contractors you are hiring beforehand to avoid future disputes.

Be wary of offers that seem unusually low, as they might either be offering lower quality work or have many hidden costs. These hidden costs can later go beyond your set budget.

Ask Around For Recommendations

Ask around for recommendations for a bathroom remodeling contractor. Ask your friends, colleagues, neighbors, extended family members, etc, anyone you can find who has recently had some remodeling done.

Referrals are often the best way to find a quality contractor. You can ask them in detail as to why they liked or disliked the contractor they chose.

Even if they did not have good experience regarding hiring contractors, you will be vigilant about what problems may occur.

The referral can also give you access to their remodeled bathroom so that you get a firsthand look at the contractor’s work.

Recommendations are great as your acquaintance shouldn’t have any ulterior motives behind telling you whether the bathroom remodeling contractor is good or bad.

Assess A Few Contractors

After going through the first few steps, if you have found a good contractor, do not jump straight into picking that particular one. Make a shortlist of possible contractors and talk to them. Ask questions about their approach to the work.

You also need to see the kind of work chemistry you have with the contractor. Is the person willing to answer questions? Does he/she sound willing to accept suggestions or seem headstrong with their approach?

You need to iron out such issues before you hire them. Remember: your contractor is providing you a service, and you have every right to ask questions about their approach and about anything else you need clarification on.

However, remember to be respectful of their expertise, as they have more experience in this field. 

Review Past Work

The best way to see whether the contractor will be able to create the bathroom of your dreams is by checking out their past work. Good contractors are more than willing to show off their past work. Ask them to connect you with a former customer, or at the very least provide before and after pictures.

Give the former customer a call and see if they are willing to show you their bathroom. Was it completed within their time frame and budget? Ask them about their experience, whether they were satisfied with the work, and if they faced any issues.

Check out reviews for more than one past job and remember to ask these questions. Checking out past work and talking to the clients will give you a clear idea about the quality of the contractor’s service.

Check Out Credentials

You must check out your bathroom remodeling contractors’ credentials. You are letting this person into your home and investing money in their service, so you must find out if they have all the licenses needed for providing this service.

Their credentials can usually be found on their websites. If you can’t find it, visit their workspace and ask to see their licenses.

They should have certifications from professional associations like NAHB, NARI, or NKBA. Ask them what kind of training and tests they took, as well as any course assignments they completed to earn their certificates.

You must be thorough if you don’t want to face fraud or invest in unqualified service providers. You have every right to know their credentials before hiring them.

Get Into Details

After deciding to choose a contractor, get into details of the work they will perform. Have a sit-down discussion with them about the work.

Ask them about the various costs you will incur and supply prices. Iron out every cost and be strict with them about your budget. If there are materials in your possession you want them to use, let them know.

Discuss every aspect of the remodeling project and ask for a total price. Ask for a written estimation then and there. This way, they cannot ask you to pay more money for hidden costs without valid reasoning.

Lastly, ask them about their contractor insurance to ensure complete safety in case of mishaps or property damage.

Final Thoughts

Go through each step mentioned above, and you will be able to find the perfect bathroom remodeling contractor you are looking for. Remember that with any house building or remodeling contract, the service quality is more important than the price.

However, not every expensive contractor gives you the best quality service, either, and this is why it is better to choose one from recommendations. Talk to them and check out their past work before you choose a contractor.

There are many qualified and invested contractors out there, waiting to provide the best quality service for you. All you have to do is find the right one for what you need.



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