The best thing which will make you fall in love with Kuwait!

fall in love with Kuwait

Kuwait is situated between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and is the tourist countries in the world. You will meet the number of foreigners here, but very few of them are visiting there because few are doctors, managers, shop personnel or workers there. People of Kuwait now are developed with the fanciest clothes, the most expensive four-wheelers. Kuwait is a sport where traditional and modern culture meets. It is really the fascinating spot that grows on you – the longer you stay there.

So if you are planning the tour to Kuwait, check out the most fascinating spots there. You can book your flights to Kuwait ahead of time for no more waiting.

Interesting and the best attractions to visit in Kuwait!

There are a number of places to explore but if you are planning a trip for a few days then make sure you must visit below-listed places at least.

Kuwait towers

The first and foremost thing which will grab your eyes in Kuwait is the Kuwait Towers. This popular landmark is renovated and is open to the public. This is the main tower which has the restraint and viewing platform. You can enjoy your delicious meals without getting disturbed and it is within your budget. This bright day will enhance your mood and will provide you one chance to see the entire country from that point.

Kuwait towers

Grand mosque

If you wish to explore more about the main religion of Kuwait, then you need to surely visit the grand mosque of Kuwait. It is decorated beautifully where Arabs are welcoming and warming people who visit the mosque in the most respectable form. You can easily set your programe with Kuwait airways booking. 

Guides are allowed to make you learn where to go and how to go without any charges. You can also call them ahead and book them for confirming your trip. The outside environment is busy and warm but you will feel the peace in the mosque which is why it is known as the vibrant city.

Failaka Island

Failaka Island

You must visit the beautiful island of Kuwait named ‘Failaka’on the ferry and explore the wonders of this place. The people of gulf war took place here, but this spot was explored during the battle which left a number of buildings destroyed and never rebuilt. It is the open-air and biggest monument for experiencing the horrors of war. You can explore the destructed firms, schools, and houses for seeing the effects of the battle here in this country.

After all this, you can do shopping in malls and make your time full of enjoyment. But before that don’t forget to book your flights to Kuwait.

How to reach Kuwait?

You can reach Kuwait in three ways – by air, water or road

By Air – You can reach Kuwait by air but you need to make sure that you do Kuwait airways booking ahead for not waiting so long. 

By road – you can travel by bus too but it will take your lot of time. If you are OK, go ahead.

By water – Ship traveling is also available where you can travel by water.


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