Few things which will attract you and grab your eyes!

attract you and grab your eyes

Mecca is the ancient Bakkah city which has an Arabic name ‘Arabic Makkah’ located in Saudi Arabia in the Sirat mountains. It is one of the sacred cities of Muslim cities. Muhammad was born in Mecca and he found Mecca and so this is towards the holy place where Muslims pray five times every day. All devotees in Muslims visit Mecca pilgrimage at least once in their life as it is their sacred place and only Muslims are allowed to visit the city.

So are you planning the trip there? If so, let us see what are the best attractions there?

Best attractions to see in Mecca

 attractions to see in Mecca

There are several places you can visit there. Your trip feels small – these many places will grab your eyes. So plan trips accordingly with family, friends, or alone as per your choice. Explore the best فنادق مكة near to the must-go place in Mecca.

Masjid Al-Haram

Around 2 million Muslims come to visit Masjid Al-Haram per year as it is the most sacred Islam mosque in Saudi Arabia where they pray and perform their spiritual rites in one particular procedure that is known as Hajj. Hajj is the pillar of Islam and everyone in the Muslim community must visit it at least once in their entire life if they can afford it. You can use طيران الإمارات for reaching a faster speed.

Black stone

Black Stone is situated in the core of the biggest mosque in Mecca and is visited by Muslims from all over the globe. This place was built as it is into the wall named Kaaba made by Muhammad in the year 605 A.D. When pilgrims go round the Kaaba as their party ritual during the process of Hajj, many stop and kiss it just like the Muhammad kissed as per their tradition. For Muslims, it is absolutely the first rank in the list of best attractions in Mecca. This sacred Kaaba is in the core of Islam and is situated in Masjid Al-Haram.

Jabal Al-Nour

Jabal Al-Nour is a famous place and for Muslims, it is popular as “The mountain of light” or “Hill of Illumination”. This mountain has great importance in Islam as it is where Muhammad spent his lot of time there for meditation and it is known to be the place where he received his first revelation from God by Archangel Gabriel inside that cave.

Jabal Al-Nour

How can you reach Mecca?

You can reach Mecca in two ways – by air or road. 

By Air – You can reach Mecca faster by طيران الإمارات at an affordable cost without wasting much time. There is also the flight director for the Hajj terminal which is especially used for Hajj.

By road – There are bus services also available but as per timings.

How safe is Mecca to visit?

Mecca is the most sacred city in Islam which is situated in the biggest country of the middle east “Saudi Arabia”. It is a safe city for all Muslims to visit there. It is the city where physically and financially able Muslims visit at least once in the entire life. In Mecca, during the time of prayer, roads near the mosque get crowded around the mosque since most of the Muslims have the preference to pray at the holiest mosque. You can book your فنادق مكة in your tour.


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