The Beauty of Condo Living: 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Property

condo living

More than 5 million people in the United States live in a condo-style home.

Condos are owned by private investors that rent or sell the property. These investors help ensure that the home and utilities are taken care of.

If you’re thinking about living in a condo, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

Continue reading to discover all the best tips for condo living so that you can relax with no worries!

1. Research Expenses

If you are planning to rent, you will want to look into the home owner’s association (HOA) to discover your expenses.

HOA dues will become a familiar experience once you move in. Although these can seem high, they often cover other expenses for living. Most HOA arrangements include fees for maintaining the pool, garbage pickup, and lawn care.

Living the condo life may initially seem expensive, but it is well worth it!

2. Be a Good Neighbor

Moving into a condo often means that you are moving into a new community.

Most people that live in condos stay long-term. Getting to know your neighbors and becoming close with them can help you build lasting relationships.

Just be cautious of bad neighbors, you will likely be stuck around the same people for a long period.

3. Know the Rules

If you want to get the most out of your condo living arrangement, you must know the rules.

Before you move into a condo, you will likely find out the rules and regulations for each place you visit.

It is common for HOAs to have rules about pets. Not all condos allow dogs or cats, so be sure to find out! You will also want to know the parking rules and regulations for outdoor amenities.

By knowing the rules, you can save money. Many repairs are covered by HOAs, meaning you don’t have to fix them with the money from your wallet!

4. Get Insurance

Moving into a new place always comes with unexpected surprises.

By getting condo insurance, you can help protect yourself and your home. Condo liability insurance is mainly used in situations where people are injured in your home.

The best part about condo insurance is that it also applies to common areas and outdoors. Some insurance companies can also offer coverage for walls and floors, but it is uncommon to need this.

5. Talk to Your Landlord

Communication is key when you decide to move into a condo.

Many expenses are covered by the landlord — some you may not even realize. If your window breaks or your shower head isn’t strong enough, you can talk to them about replacements.

Plumbing and roofing repairs are typically taken care of by the HOA. This can help give you peace of mind if you aren’t able to do repairs yourself.

Condo Living Done Right

Condos are the perfect living space for those trying to escape taking care of a lawn. They are also ideal for anyone that wants privacy and their own space.

Many people recommend learning the rules of your community and getting insurance. These can help fix issues when they arise and prevent other problems from happening. It is especially important if you’re buying the property and not merely renting. With proper research, you can even find less expensive options. For instance, a pre-construction condo in Guelph might cost less in the long run than getting a resale unit.

Don’t be afraid to go outside of your new condo to meet the neighbors, as they will be the faces you see most days.

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