Full-service vs. Drop-off Catering Service in Sydney

Catering Service

Sydney is a dynamic city with a growing restaurant and catering business. According to statistics, this industry is an AUD25 billion market. The national organization representing this industry has reported that around 37% of the registered restaurant and catering businesses are located in Sydney, New South Wales. Therefore, this number gives you thousands of options should you want to get Sydney catering services for your party.

When getting a caterer’s service, the primary consideration that you have to think of is whether to book a full-service catering or private event catering in Toronto a drop-off catering.

Full-service catering

Full-service catering is pretty much what this term implies. When you avail of this type of catering, you can get a package consisting of kitchen staff, front of house servers, interior stylers, and even bartenders. They will arrive at the venue hours before the event to decorate the place according to your desired theme, and they will also be one of the last ones to leave. They will come fully equipped with all the needed silverware, flatware, glassware, and linens for your event, so you do not need to worry about a thing. You can also hire them to transform an empty space into a party room.

This service is perfect for events that have many guests, such as weddings or corporate parties. If you would like to lessen the stress involved in organizing a party, acquiring a full-service catering package can take your mind off food and décor preparation.

Drop-off catering

Opting for drop-off catering is ideal if you are only hosting a small and non-formal event like luncheons, baby showers, and team celebrations. Many caterers often provide a menu consisting of food platters, wrap and sandwich trays, canapes and bites, gourmet sides, and bite-sized desserts. Generally, meals are served on high-end disposables and rack chaffers.

Just because the term for this service is “drop-off”, it does not mean that caterers only leave the provided food on the table. Frequently, getting a package like this comes with hired servers who man the food stations or give a plated menu. Due to the reduction of staff, it is best for hosts that are on a tight budget.

What to look for

Regardless of the catering service that you will get, you need to ensure that your hired company has the license to operate in Sydney. If they have this, it can give you confidence that the food you will be serving to your guests complies with the regulations set by the Food Safety Program and the HACCP principles.

However, to know if they deliver quality food and services, it is best to have a sit-down business meeting with your potential Sydney catering provider. If possible, request for a taste test. Having a meeting with them before finalizing everything will also allow you to customize the menu and ask for complimentary add-ons. Like all caterers, the charge for their service is based on the number of people attending the event. According to 2020 statistics, a plate can cost anywhere between AUD10-180. Family-style meals are offered between AUD25-65, while formal catering often averages around AUD70-80 per person.

Food is one of the most crucial elements of any event. It can either break or make your party. To ensure that yours will not end in disaster, hire the service of a competent catering provider to take care of the food for you.


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