3 Valid Reasons To Get A Local SIM When Visiting Japan

Local SIM

Japan is always in the bucket list of most avid travellers worldwide. People from different countries look forward to seeing and experiencing everything that this beautiful East Asian country offers. It has 21 World Heritage Sites, including the Ancient Kyoto Monuments, the Yakushima Island, and the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range. You may want to experience the exciting city life in the country, including the busy streets of Shibuya in Tokyo and Osaka shopping and food district.

There are also several other places to visit in the country, so it is essential to have a strong internet connection to get more information about what Japan has to offer. This is why getting a Japan sim is a must for every visitor to the country. It will allow them to stay online even if they are out of the indoor Wi-Fi hotspots.

If you are planning for a trip to Japan but still need more convincing reasons to get a local sim, read below:

Access To Google Maps

Getting lost in a foreign land can be challenging, especially if you are in a non-English speaking country. You will need access to navigational apps like Google Maps to find your way. You can also get a data-only japan sim to find out the subway schedule and train operations and the operating hours of museums and other indoor attractions. The local sim reduces the risk of getting lost in the bustling streets and small alleyways in the host country.

Hail Local Cabs

Travelling to Japan allows you to enjoy the lively nightlife in its major cities. You can opt to roam around the electrifying streets of Shinjuku or Akihabara in Tokyo or dance the night away in Kyoto’s hippest clubs without worrying about getting back to the hotel after a few drinks. If you have an Internet connection, you can hail a Japanese taxi online to book a ride. You may also use the Uber app to get an English-speaking driver, so you can comfortably provide instructions in your native tongue.

Understand The Local Language

For most English-speaking tourists, understanding the Japanese language can be challenging. You will need to use a translation app like Google Translate to help you decipher the important signs. It will also help you communicate with the locals for asking directions or ordering at a restaurant. It could also allow you to buy small trinkets in local shops with no English-speaking sales clerks.

To Shop Or Order Online  

If you have limited time in Japan or if the shop is located in a different location, you can order the items online and have it delivered in your hotel or homestay. Since you need to indicate a contact detail before you order, you can use your Japan sim. You can also use it to order food and have it delivered if you are too tired to go out.

Using a local sim in Japan will also give you peace of mind during your stay. You can give your contact details to your hotel or tour operator to call you in case of emergencies. You can also give this to your family and friends back home, so they can call you for important news. Make sure to get a Japan sim before your flight and have it delivered to your home so you will not forget this travel essential.


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