How To Sell Your Home Online Quickly

Making the Move

Thinking about selling your old house or flat? You can quickly sell your home property as long as you use the right medium. To get your ideal buyer, you just have to figure out the way they’re thinking.

People nowadays tend to go online whenever they plan to buy something, and buying home property is no exception. In fact, a recent study shows that 95% of house-hunters begin looking for their new house over the internet. So if you plan to sell-out your home immediately, better do it online.

Here are some helpful guidelines that you can follow to sell your real estate property fast. Check them below!

Sell Your Home Property:

Here are some tips you can follow to sell your house quickly.

  • Through a Real Estate Agent

Most home sellers prefer to hire agents as home selling can be overwhelming. If you opt for this, your real estate broker can place your home’s photos and details on MLS (multiple listing service). 

MLS is an online database that they use to make home appraisals and contractual offers, and they’re the only ones who are qualified to post such details on this page. So if you want positive results in home selling, it’s essential to have it displayed on MLS. This is because it features the most trusted and widely used real estate information.

Here is a list of other services that real estate agents offer:

  • They help you choose a selling price for your home based on its equivalent building structures in the market. Plus, they check how competitive the real estate market is in your location.
  • They create a selling approach and handle settlements on your behalf to make sure you get the highest appraisal value.
  • They manage all the legal forms and needed appointments to ensure the transaction will go through without any problems.
  • As FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

If you like to sell your property without an agent, then you can try the FSBO (for sale by owner) approach. Doing so can still give you a chance to list your home on MLS, but you’ll be required to pay a flat fee. 

You may also try on other websites dedicated to FSBOs and post detailed heading information to get a home buyer’s interest. For example, you can put “2-Bedroom Modern Flat Pack Container House for Sale!” However, they’ll likely charge you a flat fee as well.

Furthermore, if you sell your house by yourself, you’ll still have to settle a real estate commission fee. This payment will go to the broker who represents the buyer of your property. Unless they’re also working without an agent.

Generally, the commission charge is 3% of the home’s final sale price. This means doing the FSBO method can save you the commission that would’ve gone to your agent. But you have to know that using this system will only let you list your home information on their website. That’s it. It won’t help you prepare your home to promote or sell once it’s live online, which an agent can actually do for you as part of their service.

  • To an iBuyer

iBuyer is relatively new for home sellers. It is a company that uses technology to create an offer on your home in an instant. How iBuyers perform varies, still the underlying idea is that a company estimates your home’s property value and proposes a particular amount. Once you accept, they’ll take the burden of owning, marketing, and reselling the home. 

This method is usually opted by home sellers who don’t want to make additional house repairs and prefer to sell their old home as it is.

Can You Even Sell Your Home Online For Free?

The only way to sell your home property online without paying any commission or marketing fees is to find a buyer who doesn’t have an agent. You can try advertising your home selling on free websites, like Craigslist, or by finding them through your network. However, doing this will limit the number of people who’ll know you’re into home selling. Furthermore, this could reflect lower offers since there’s less competition.

In case you prefer this method, real estate agents strongly suggest that you should at least have a lawyer review the necessary paperwork. This is to make sure that you’re protected in the transaction and that you’re correctly transferring ownership of the property. Note that some real estate attorneys charge a flat fee for this, whereas others charge hourly rates.


As a homeowner, you have the prerogative to choose which method is more convenient and beneficial for you. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in listing your home on several online platforms, such as Craigslist, MLS, and even Facebook. Just make sure to write an enticing description that’ll highlight the major selling points of your home. Hang in there, your home will be sold out soon!


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